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Player Built Structures[]

Gorge Structures
Owner Structure Description Shared Attributes Additional Information
Gorge idle

Hydra spawn small

Small static turret that detects Marine presence and shoots spikes at Frontiersmen units and structures.
  • Can stick onto walls, ceilings, and Clogs.
  • Auto-builds at 70% build rate without Grow or Heal Spray.
  • Vulnerable to fire from Welder, Cluster Grenades, and Flamethrower.
  • Digestible by owner to remove from play.
  • Destroys oldest structure when new one is placed and limit is reached.
  • Grows when on Infestation, but requires Heal Spray when on uninfested ground.
  • Cannot attack when on fire.
  • Maximum 3 per player.
Clog idle small

Organic blob that can act as blockade and absorbs all types of damage.
  • Instant build time.
  • Resistant against high burst damage such as Grenade Launcher explosions.
    • Cannot be healed.
  • Maximum 10 per player.
    • Digestible by both owner and friendly players to remove from play.
Babbler egg grow small

Bile Mine
Oval-shaped egg that detonates when Marines get close or it's hit by Spot and deals corrosive (armor only) damage (15 dmg/sec) over 3 seconds
Babbler hatch small

Spawn on the Gorge to give to use them with as Shield, or give them orders via Babbler Bait
  • Spawns one Babbler automatically every 1.5 seconds when out of combat for 2 seconds until the Gorge owns 6 Babblers
  • Babblers transferred to another lifeform will change ownership. The Lifeform will gain a Babbler Shield and new babblers will begin spawning on the Gorge instantly.
Webs small

Strand of webbing that slows Marines and Exosuits on contact.
  • Place at two points to create a strand of webbing.
    • Can stick onto walls and ceilings.
    • Invisible to Marines from more than 6 meters.
  • Has only 1 charge in Matched Play
  • Gains charges over time until it has 3.
    • Once a Web has 3 charges, it will never regenerate another charge.
    • When charges run out, the Web dies.
    • Web always dies to one Axe swing.
  • Slows down the target temporarily.
    • Slows target by 66%.
    • Effect tapers off gradually over 5 seconds.
    • Prevents Jetpacks from lifting off.
    • Each use consumes one charge.
  • Can only be removed by Axe, Welder, Flamethrower, and Cluster Grenade explosions.
  • Maximum 3 per player.
    • Destroys oldest Web when new one is placed and limit is reached.

Basic Commander Built Structures[]

Basic Structures
Structure Description Additional Information
Cyst idle small

Small structure that grows Infestation around itself.
  • Can be placed on non-infested ground to create Infestation.
  • Grows only when its parent Cyst or Hive is grown.
  • Automatically creates a chain of Cysts by placing one Cyst far away.
    • Each Cyst costs 1 Team Resource, including the ones created in a chain.
    • Will begin to take damage if not connected to a Cyst or Hive.
      • Damage is not applied to Cysts under the influence of Nutrient Mist.
Harvester deploy small

Harvests Team Resources and Personal Resources for the Kharaa to be spent on building, upgrading, and evolving.

Cocoon grow small


Drifter grow small

Cocoon - Grows and hatches into a Drifter.

Drifter - Worker unit that speeds up structure growth and uses unique abilities, depending on which Hive Upgrade path is chosen.
Hive spawn small

Egg flinch small

Hive - Kharaa command structure that houses the Alien Commander.

Egg - Spawn point for Kharaa players who spawn from Eggs as Skulks.
  • Can be placed only on an unoccupied Tech Point.
  • Auto-builds at 70% build rate without Grow or Heal Spray.
  • Heals nearby lifeforms, spreads Infestation over a large area, and spawns Eggs periodically at no cost.
  • Heals nearby players, unless on fire.
  • Can spawn extra Eggs for a cost using Hatch ability.
    • Alien Commander can pre-evolve Eggs into different lifeforms (depending on current biomass level) for players to spawn from or use by pressing the interaction button (E by default).
  • Unlocks as 1 Biomass level by itself, and can upgrade 3 additional levels (maximum 4 levels per Hive).
  • Evolves into 1 of 3 different Hive types to unlock unique Evolution structures, unique support structure abilities as well as passive and active Drifter Abilities.

Threat pheromone iconHeal pheromone iconExpand pheromone icon

Waypoints that are only visible to all Kharaa players.
  • 3 different types: Threat, Need Healing Here, and Expanding Here.
  • Can be placed anywhere on the map.
  • Fades away over time.

Advanced Commander Built Structures[]

Advanced Structures
Structure Description Shared Attributes Additional Information
Crag spawn small

Semi-static support structure that heals nearby Kharaa units and structures and provides Heal Wave ability when one of the Aliens' Hives is a Crag Hive.
  • Can slowly move but takes damage when away from Infestation.
  • Grows only on Infestation.
  • Costs Supply to build.
  • Auto-builds at 70% build rate without Grow or Heal Spray.
  • Healing from multiple sources stacks with deminishing returns.
  • Unlocks Heal Wave ability when one of the Aliens' Hives is a Crag Hive.
    • Heal Wave increases the amount of healing from the Crag.
    • Cannot heal or use Heal Wave when on fire.
Shade spawn small

Semi-static support structure that renders all nearby Kharaa units and structures invisible and provides the Ink ability if one of the aliens' Hives is a Shade Hive.
  • Cloaked units and structures are transparent but cause visible distortion.
  • Unlocks Ink ability if one of the Aliens' Hives is a Shade Hive.
    • Ink shrouds the area around the Shade in a black cloud that obstructs sight and stops Scan detection (most useful for delaying ARCs from hitting the nearby structures and hive).
    • Cannot cloak or use Ink when on fire.
Shift spawn small

Semi-static support structure that recharges nearby lifeforms' energy and provides the Echo ability if one of the Aliens' Hives is a Shift Hive.
Tunnel entrance open small

Large orifice that creates an underground organic tunnel opening, two of which can be connected to be used as a shortcut between two locations.
  • Tunnels require infestation to be dropped and grow (but do not take damage off-Infestation).
  • Can only be built on flat ground with enough space above to exit.
  • Lifeforms, Marines, and Exosuits can enter the tunnel by standing on top of one opening, then rapidly travel between the location of both openings.
  • Acidic bile inside the tunnel corrodes Frontiersmen Armor.
  • If one instance of a tunnel has been destroyed while you are inside, the player will begin to take damage, whether he is a marine or an alien.
  • If both Tunnels are destroyed, the tunnel will collapse and kill all players inside it.
  • Only one set of Tunnels per hive
Whip spawn small

Semi-static defense that whacks nearby Frontiersmen units and structures.
  • Can uproot from Infestation to relocate itself.
    • Does not take damage when away from Infestation.
    • Cannot attack while uprooted.
  • At full maturity gains the Bombard ability that throws an anti-robot, anti-structure, and anti-armor bile sac over a long range.
  • Cannot attack or use Bombard when on fire.
  • Does not bleed out when off-Infestation, only ceases all attacks.
Shell spawn small

Unlocks Carapace, Regeneration and Vampirism evolutions.
  • Grows only on Infestation.
  • Auto-builds at 70% build rate without Grow or Heal Spray.
  • Evolutions' power level increases with number of same structures (maximum 3 levels).
  • Requires Crag Hive to build.
Veil spawn small

Unlocks Aura, Focus and Camouflage evolutions.
  • Requires Shade Hive to build.
Spur spawn small

Unlocks Adrenaline, Celerity and Crush evolutions.
  • Requires Shift Hive to build.