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This is the 2013 April Fool's Joke Blog Post
Patch 244 Joke

On February 28th, Natural Selection 2 Build 240: ‘Gorgeous’ was released. This free DLC added a boatload of new stuff to the game. Unknown Worlds is going to continue working on updates like Gorgeous, to consistently improve your Natural Selection 2 experience. Today, the second DLC update was released – Build 244: ‘Electric.’

Electric follows in the footsteps of Gorgeous, adding new content and improving on what is in the game already. For example, the new Stun Gun allows you to disable your fellow marines when they piss you off. The new Gardening system will allow those seeking a more relaxed gaming experience to enjoy Natural Selection 2.

Balance is a particular focus for Electric: We have carefully listened to your feedback and determined that balance would be significantly improved if you could all kill each other faster. Hence, the 33% increase in damage by all weapons and abilities.

There are lots and lots of other change, additions, bugfixes and improvements in Electric. Check out the change log below to learn about all of them:

The Stun Gun will decrease griefing by 47.2%. Not effective against aliens.



  • Added Stun Gun. Punish fellow Marines for stealing your Shotgun!
  • Added Gardening. Plant your favorite fruits and vegetables. With tender care, watch them grow delicious food.
  • Added 3 secrets (2 of them are also mysteries).
  • A webcam is now required to verify the player has a Wasabi style moustache.
  • New Super Rapid Fire Extreme Shotgun (only usable by Unknown Worlds developers).


  • Increased all damage by 33%
  • 20% more prime numbers
  • Nerfed lemon trees
  • Increased all health by 33%
  • Marines can now research the moonwalk for 40 team resources
  • 2% more yellow
  • Jetpack now has infinite fuel
  • When a Marine using a Jetpack touches the ground, many explosion
  • Lerk Wing sauce now 15% spicier in the Onos Bar
  • 25% more Gorge
  • Exo is now free and required


  • Inverted all rooms that begin with the letter “T”.
  • The game is now playable at altitudes greater than 255 meters above sea level.
  • The vibrate feature on Commander beepers is finally fixed.
  • Bees now properly defend the Hive (Thanks IronHorse!).
  • Changed our own interpretation of “frames” which resulted in a 1000% increase in frames per second.
  • We figured out how to fix that really annoying bug everyone is always complaining about but the programmers kept arguing about the usage of the Oxford comma in a comment which resulted in slapping.
  • The 6th Alien is now enabled. Sorry, we forgot about that one. We don’t have a name for it. How about Philip?


  • Fixed “Redo” button in Undo Button editor.
  • Tools no longer work on Sunday nights as that is when Game of Thrones airs and realistically, nobody will need them.
  • Added editor for Philosophy.