Bunnyhopping or Bhopping is the ability to jump faster then walking speed . Bunnyhopping was originally a fault in the GoldSrc engine, which enbabled the player to speed up past the normal walking speed when jumping, this was quicklily found after Half-Life's release, but in Natural Selection, the develops decided to keep this fault, as it could make gameplay more interesting. However, as the Marines were considered to be too strong in early versions of Natural Selection, the developers quickily changed it so only the Aliens could Bunnyhop.

How To Bunnyhop Edit

To Bunnyhop you must be an Alien, being a Skulk is recommended. Bunnyhopping is considered a necessary skill to be a succesful Alien. It is also considered to be quite difficult, especially to teach and explain to other players.

ze_marinebhop Edit

ze_marinebhop is a map purposely built for players to practise Bunnyhopping and is essentially a training map.