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The unofficial Community Balance Mod was whitelisted on 02023-04-24April 24, 2023 and can since be run on Ranked Servers.

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Community Balance Mod Revision: 2.0.3

Revision 2.0.3 Changelog

02023-12-23December 23, 2023



  • Reduced the additional 10% HP buff for maturity hives to 5%


  • Stab research cost reduced from 25 to 20 TRes
  • Stab energy cost reduced by 16%

Fortress Shade

  • Hallucinations time duration removed
  • Able to transform into a random different structure
  • Added HP bars on hallucinations


  • Increased turning speed before moving
  • Decreased rooting, unrooting time under frenzy
  • Reduced the cost of bile splash from 3 to 2 TRes

Fortress Structures

  • Converted 50% of their armor into HP (nerf to healing)
  • Increased cooldown for all fortress abilities from 10 to 15 seconds
  • Reduced the cost of all fortress abilities from 3 to 2 TRes
  • Fixed a bug which allowed abilities to being cast while under fire
  • No longer take 3x the damage off infestation in comparison to normal structures


  • Increased mucous area of effect to the same size as enzymes
  • Doesnt follow echoed unfinished structures over the entire map anymore



  • Flying flamethrowers in rare cases should not crash the server anymore (vanilla bug)
  • Bot Commanders will research Exos, Weapon 3, Armor 3 again (balance mod bug)
See here for full version history