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B.M.A.C. (Bipedal-Mobile-Automated-Countermeasure) is the ninth official Downloadable Content (DLC) pack released for Natural Selection 2. It was released along with Build 331 to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the release of Natural Selection 2. The DLC pack contains 12 new robotic Marine skins with new voice lines and sound effects. The B.M.A.C. Supporter Pack comes in three different tiers (Basic|Plus|Elite). Each tier contains the tier(s) below. The content was created in collaboration by Rantology (concepting and textures) and Vlaad (models and rigging).

The B.M.A.C. Supporter Pack[]

The B.M.A.C. Supporter Pack Plus[]

The B.M.A.C. Elite Supporter Pack[]

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