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Drop Weapons
Drop Weapons
Drops weapons and equipment for Marines
-> Grid
TRes Icon team resource neutral 3-20
Range Within 10m of Armory
Requires Armory or Prototype Lab


Drop Weapons is one way the Marine Commander can assist the team. It allows the Commander to drop Weapons and Equipment in a Radius around the structure they can be purchased in, while they can be Purchased. This means Welder, Mines, and Shotguns near any powered Armory or Advanced Armory, Grenade Launchers, Machine Guns, and Flamethrowers near any powered Advanced Armory and Jetpacks near any powered Prototype Lab. Each drop costs their regular Pres amount in Tres except for the Mine (7 instead of 5) and the Welder (3 instead of 2).

Tactical Summary - Drop Weapons

  • Drop Weapons is a great way to spend Tres in the late game when everything is researched.
  • Weapons dropped by the Commander do not decay over time, but can be destroyed by Bile Bomb.
  • Exosuits can no longer be dropped and neither do Grenades or the basic equipment each Marine spawns with.