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50 (100 with Carapace





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25 seconds

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The Fade is a nightmarish and vicious Kharaa lifeform. It is a bipedal, humanoid, and mantis-like alien lifeform with sharp claws for hands.

The Fade can seemingly move with blurring speed, making escape almost impossible for Marines. Reports of Fade encounters frequently mention the creature first appearing as an apparition, then blinks into existence right before the Marines are killed in action. Lone Marines will often succumb to the Fade's savage swipes, therefore traveling in squads is highly advisable.

In recent conflicts, the Fade has been observed to temporarily open an extra-dimensional vortex in midst of Frontiersmen operations, causing Marines and structures alike to phase into a sub-dimensional plane, and preventing interaction with our dimension. TSF scientists are baffled by this development, which leads them to question if biological evolution can truly accomplish these extraordinary feats.


  • SwipeThe primary attack for Fade, which allows quick swipes in rapid succession, dealing high damage against Marines and moderate damage against structures.
  • BlinkBlink is the alternate attack for Fade. It can phase its body into a shadowy mist, allowing the Fade to rapidly travel in any direction for as long as energy reserves permit. The Observatory's passive detection and Scan abilities can highlight Blinking Fades as energy signature trails, allowing Marines to predict Fade movement. Blink is available from the beginning of the round.




These are the shock troops of the Kharaa: versatile, tough, and highly specialized to combat. Disturbingly humanoid, Fades demonstrate powerful melee damage – which when combined with the seemingly supernatural blink ability, make them powerful all-around brutes, whose cunning cannot be underestimated.

The Kharaa are so sneaky, it took some time for Frontiersmen to realize the blink ability existed at all. Fades seemed to appear and disappear with no rhyme or reason, penetrating seemingly air-tight defensive perimeters, or vanishing from a heavy fire fight without a trace. Marines soon reported these creatures "fading" away right before their eyes. Though we now understand there is a hive ability responsible for this phenomena, we are no closer to truly understanding how it functions.

A similar evolution to the Skulk's bladed feet, the Fade's arms end in long, deadly sharp blades. TSA scientists speculate that, left to their own devices, Fades might have eventually evolved some sort of opposable thumbs. Instead, the bacterium pushed them to develop these sword-like claws, that their ape-like arms swing in armor and metal shredding arcs.

The so called "blink" ability is one of the more contentious topics for scientists studying the Kharaa. One side believes that it is our observations that are incorrect, that there is an optical illusion of some sort at work, making Fades appear to teleport, apparently through solid matter. They believe that, at the most, entirely new bodies are created at the destination – a kind of variant of the redemption evolution. The other side believes that there is a phenomena similar to Frontiersmen phase gate technology at work … some organic, highly evolved ability that exploits the loophole in physics called the Kensky/Libovah effect. There are significant weak points in both arguments. But this phenomena undoubtedly exists: footage exists of Fades disappearing from one side of a wall, and appearing on the other, or instantly covering the space between them and their target.


The Fade excels at punishing mistakes by the enemy team. Your Shift and Blink abilities give you an advantage over the slower marines - no enemy unit is as quick as you are. Combining your Jump and Shift abilities can allow you to cover large areas of the map rapidly with little energy consumption. In addition, the ability to double jump allows you to spring from unexpected places, much like the Skulk. Hit-and-run tactics are the Fade's strength - chase down fleeing marines using your speed and slay them before they can get to help, or ambush attack forces, leaving them disoriented and wounded. Coordinating such attacks with fellow Fades, Skulks or Lerks can leave entire groups of attackers dead.

As Fade, do not engage in direct combat with marines. Your fragility means you will die quickly against a coordinated group. Even blind panic-fire can eat away at your health rapidly. However, you can also make marines waste ammunition by blinking around and tricking them into firing at you out of fear before retreating and allowing your teammates to kill the marines as they reload.

You are also well-suited to disrupting the enemies' operations; many commanders tend to send two or three marines to perform any given task, which makes them easy targets for you. This is even more effective a tactic when your enemies are distracted by building or repair work.

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