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GX Tactical Flamethrower
Cosmetic Variants:


Normal Flamethrower

Kodiak flamethrower

Kodiak Flamethrower

Tundra flamethrower

Tundra Flamethrower

Forge flamethrower

Forge Flamethrower

Sandstorm flamethrower

Sandstorm Flamethrower

TRes Icon team resource neutral 20 to drop
PRes Icon personal resource neutral 20 to buy
Damage 10 (11/11/12) direct damage (x2 vs structures)
8 (9/9/10) for burning and fire puddles
See Damage
Type Flame
Fire Rate ignition time 0.7 seconds
Reload Speed 5.2 seconds
Clip Size 50 (about 8 seconds of fuel)
Ammo 4
Weight 0.14
Requires Advanced Armory


The Flamethrower or FT is an area denial weapon employed by the Marines. It holds 12.5 seconds of accelerant at any one time and a Marine can carry a maximum of 4 extra accelerant tanks, making for a total burn time of 62.5 seconds, or just over one minute. The Flamethrower has a weight of 0.14, which is more than the Assault Rifle and same as the Shotgun. The Flamethrower slows down movement speed for Marines just slightly more than the Assault Rifle.

The Flamethrower can set Alien structures and units on fire, slightly reducing the energy regeneration of Lifeforms and disabling the passive abilities of structures:

Burning Properties[]

  • sets Players on Fire for maximum 2.1 seconds
  • sets Structures on Fire for 2.1 seconds
    • a single shot from the Flame Thrower increases the burning time by 2.1 seconds
    • maximum burning time for structures is set to 6 seconds

Note that the burn duration of the flamethrower is only 2.1 seconds for Players., while the reload is 5.2 seconds. This means that whips initially disabled by being set on fire will be able to attack a flamethrower user before they finish reloading.

Status Effect[]

Status: Fire

Effects of being (on) Fire:

Check green Tip: Fire can greatly assist in assaulting fortified positions such as Hives and Tunnels.

Removal of On Fire

  • Heal Spray of the Gorge can instantly extinguish the Fire.
  • After the burning time limit of the weapon is reached.
Note: Currently only the Flame Thrower sets structures On Fire

Damage Type[]

Main Article: Damage Types

The Flamethrower deals Flame damage, as well directly, as indirectly by setting the target on fire for up to 6 seconds and also through burning "puddles" of fire lingering on the floor, walls, and ceiling after hitting them with the Flamethrower.

It also does 200% damage to all non-flammable Alien structures, 250% damage to all flammable Alien non-structures (Eggs and Webs), 500% damage to all flammable Alien structures Bone Walls and Hydras) and 1400% damage to Clogs and Cysts.


There are currently 5 variations of the Flamethrower skin available for use by TSF Marines.

Info Info:  • Not all variants are available for purchase.

          • Skins are purely cosmetic and offer no augmented or additional stats in-game.

Camouflage variants & availability
Variant Description Acquisition Notes
Normal Default Armor. Provided with game. Comes with the base game.
Forge Black and red with orange highlights. Can be bought in the Customization Screen in-game. Released with the Forge Pack DLC as part of the NS2 5 year anniversary update (Build 319), and completed with the Merry Gorgemas! update (Build 336).
Kodiak Green jungle camouflage. Can be bought in the Customization Screen in-game. Released with the Kodiak update, and completed with the Merry Gorgemas! update (Build 336).
Sandstorm Black and gold with red highlights Can be bought in the Customization Screen in-game. Released with the Catalyst update (Build 324).
Tundra White and blue design. Can be bought in the Customization Screen in-game. Released with the Tundra update (Build 285), and completed with the Merry Gorgemas! update (Build 336).