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A Marine without a weapon

The Frontiersmen (also known as Marines) are one of the two forces in Natural Selection.


They play very differently to the Aliens.


Natural Selection gameplay 1 (Marines)

Gameplay of the Marine side.

The Marines stay as one life-form and just upgrade their technology as the game progresses.

Marines were able to Bunnyhop in early versions of the game, but it was felt that the Marines were too powerful with this, so in an update this ability was lost to the Marines, and became an Alien only ability.

In Combat gametype , players spawn in waves in close proximity to the Command Chair. In Classic gametype players spawn originally all within a set distance from the Command Chair, but after this have to spawn from Infantry Portals which are set down by the commander, and built by Marines.


The Marines are able to wield a variety of weapons, each serving a specific role.

The weapons avaliable are:

  • Light Machine Gun (LMG)
  • Heavy Machine Gun (HMG)
  • Pistol
  • Knife
  • Shotgun
  • Grenade Launcher
  • Grenades
  • Trip Mines
  • Welder

Light Machine Gun[]

The Light Machine Gun is an automatic firearm, capable of dispatching enemies at a medium range. This is the Marine's default primary weapon.

Heavy Machine Gun[]

The Light Machine Gun is an automatic firearm, capable of dispatching enemies at a medium range. It is an upgraded version of the LMG with a larger clip and damage amount.


The Pistol, although stronger then the LMG, is your secondary weapon in Natural Selection, this is because of its lower ammo amount.


The Knife is the last resort weapon in Natural Selection, unless you are purposely going for a humiliating Knife Kill.


The Shotgun is a firearm avaliable for Marines, capable of dispatching enemies at close range.

Grenade Launcher[]

The Grenade Launcher is the strongest weapon per projectile, mainly used for attacking the Alien's structures.


Grenades are extremely powerful fragmentation devices. Most effectively used to combat Alien structures, or groups of aliens.

Trip Mine[]

Trip Mines are stationary explosive devices. They deploy upon being placed down, and are activated when stepped on by an Alien.

They can also be used to Mine Climb.


The welder is a device with the primary purpose of repairing Marine structures.


Marines can also change their equipment.


The Jetpack does exactly what you'd expect. It makes the Marines able to 'fly'.


This Heavy Armour is the strongest armor for Marines, and also the only one which changes their appearance.


The Marines have a range of structures for pretty much everything.

These are:

  • Command Chair
  • Resource Tower
  • Infantry Portal
  • Armory (can be upgraded to Advanced Armoury)
  • Turret Factory (can be upgraded to Advanced Turret Factory)
  • Sentry
  • Siege Cannon
  • Arms Lab
  • Prototype Lab
  • Phase Gate
  • Observatory_(Natural_Selection)