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70 (150 with Carapace)





Gestation Time:

10 seconds

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The Gorge is a bulbous and passive-aggressive Kharaa lifeform. It is often found near Hives, upon infestation, and around other lifeforms. While appearing rather harmless, it can provide crucial support to lifeforms and structures; by exhaling its infectious breath, the Heal Spray, the Gorge can rapidly heal its allies as well as itself. Additionally, Heal Spray is able to accelerate structure growth, to help grow and maintain the Kharaa habitat established by the Alien Commander. The Gorge's namesake refers to its tendency to regurgitate various types of organic growths, namely the Hydra for defensive purposes, and the Clog to funnel enemy movement.

Attacks & Abilities Edit

  • Spit: The primary ability of the Gorge. A ranged attack which deals 30 damage to a direct target. Keep in mind that a single armor point can absorb up to 4 damage. Relatively weak attack.
  • Bile Bomb: A devastating stacking attack with a similar Damage-over-time rate as infection on buildings, only worse. This ability stacks, making it a truly devastating attack against any and all marine buildings. A tactic with this DPS, AOE spit-up is a 'Gorge Rush' where gorges rush into the main marine base and do as much damage as possible at low cost to the Alien team.
  • Heal Spray, 'Breath': The most useful ability of the Gorge, applied with a right click by default. Heals and assists in growth of Alien structures, heals your team mates, does a truly pitiful amount of damage to marines in a panic, and overall one of the best supporting abilities of the Gorge. By aiming at the ground directly, you can heal yourself.
  • Belly Slide: The Gorge's 'Movement Ability' which allows it to slide along the ground on its belly at decent speed. Unlike most of the other Aliens, Gorges get faster using this ability going downhill, and retain a tiny speed boost if they end their slide early.
  • Build: The second most useful support ability of the Gorge. Used to make Clogs, Hydras, Webs, Gorge Tunnels, Babbler Eggs. Clogs are used to block doorways. Hydras are tiny ranged units that look like spiky flowers which throw thorns at the enemy and deal some decent DPS, and can be placed almost anywhere. Webs are strings of mucus that temporarily slow down Marines. Gorge Tunnels are placed in pairs, and lead to the opposite tunnel (Any gorge can apply two tunnels, but each player only gets one pair of tunnels, meaning that you can only place as many tunnels as you have players willing to go Gorge.) and Babbler Eggs hatch little baby mouth-monsters that can be used as living shields or tiny nuisances against enemies. This is a babbler:

Gorge Abilities

Ability Damage Time (seconds) Energy Cost
Spit 30/use 2/s 7
Bile Bomb 55/5s 1/s 20
Healing Spray 8/use 1.2/s 12

Observations Edit

The Gorge is a common sight on infected turf, but rare in the battlefield. As a support class, their best use is when out of sight of marines, as they are not particularly high in health. They do a lot of building damage and can be seen assisting skulks taking out Marine resource towers and healing the heavy-hitters behind a corner where Marines cannot shoot them.. Lacking any significant projectile attacks, its best use is away from enemy sight where they can do their best work. The Gorge is a quadruped (moves on all fours) and moves at relatively quick speed, but has very low movement ability, being the worse alongside the Onos for walking speed. Compared to the Lerk, Skulk or Fade, it is very slow and has the least likely chance of being able to escape a marine on its own without a team mate distracting it, however they can hold corners and areas from out-of-sight with relative ease compared to the Skulks, given their Bile Bombs, Clogs, and Hydras.

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