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This page gives a limited walkthrough on how to create the files required for a hitsound mod. General mod creation is described on the Modding page.


The most important tool is a correct version of FMOD Designer. You can download one here or from the pinned message in the #modding channel on Discord. For the sound itself an audio editing tool might be required, but most things can be done online these days. The preferred file format is a .wav file.

Creating the Files[]

  1. You need to create a new Mod through the LaunchPad as described here.
  2. Open FMOD and create a new project called hitsounds_client.fdp in your mod folder\source\soundsrc\.
  3. Rename the untitled (1) group to hitsounds (2) and delete the event00 within.
  4. Add three "Simple Events" called low, mid, and high by right-clicking the hitsounds group (1).
  5. Select one of your simple events and add a sound file by right-clicking the Playlist (4).
  6. (Optional) Adjust the pitch, volume, etc for that sound (4). But make sure Playback Mode is Oneshot.
  7. (Optional) Add more files or silences and adjust the likelihood of them playing (3).
  8. Repeat this for the other two simple events.
  9. Now clean and build your project under Project in the menu bar.
  10. Go to your output folder your mod folder\output\sound\ and clean out all files but hitsounds_client.fev, hitsounds_client.fsb, hitsounds_client.soundinfo.
  11. Publish the Mod.