The Kharaa (refered to as Aliens) are one of the two forces in Natural Selection.

Skulk, the basic lifeform of the Aliens.

Gameplay Edit

Natural Selection gameplay 1 (Aliens)

Natural Selection gameplay 1 (Aliens)

Gameplay of the Alien side.

The Aliens have a very different style of play to the Marines, and it is often considered harder to be a skillful Alien then Marine.

Instead of having a Command Chair the Aliens have a Hive, they also do not need Infantary Portals to spawn in during classic games. The Aliens in classic mode also have the option to having three hives, although they start with one and its location is picked at random.

Aliens have the useful ability to Bunnyhop. This allows them to move a lot faster then normal, used so the Marines have less time to react and shoot at the Alien.

When an Alien player spawns, they will always spawn as a Skulk.

Lifeforms Edit

Aliens can change their lifeform to stronger or more capable forms with the appropriate points/Resources.

Each lifeform has different abilities, which are attacks, or other useful things like travelling aids. They also have different walking speeds, health and obviously each looks distincively different.

When an Alien changes lifeform (gestation), it turns temporally to a Gestation Egg.
Gestation Egg

Gestation Egg

These lifeforms are:

  • Skulk
  • Gorge
  • Lerk
  • Fade
  • Onos

Skulk Edit

(Main page: Skulk )

This is the basic Alien lifeform. It is used as a scout and to kill low level or armoured Marines.

Its abilities are:

Gorge Edit

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This is the only Alien lifeform able to build structures. They aren't very strong against Marines, and rely on the other lifeforms mainly to protect them.

Its abilities are:

Lerk Edit

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This is the support lifeform of the Aliens. The Lerk is very bat-like, and the only Alien able to fly, this makes them very manouverable. Although Lerks can hit 'n run using their speed, they don't have enough health or armour to do this effectively.

Its abilities are:

  • Bite
  • Spore
  • Umbra
  • Primal Scream

Fade Edit

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Fades are used as the main unit of the Aliens. They are used to hunt Marines down and deminish the amount of Marines. Their main tactic is to hit 'n run, This forces the marines to stick together., where a Lerk normally spores into the middle of the Marines, repeating until the Marine numbers are diminished or they scatter. Nomally the Fade then tries to take down as many fleeing Marines as possible.

Its abilities are:

  • Swipe
  • Blink
  • Metabolize
  • Acid Rocket

Onos Edit

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The Onos is the big 'tank' of the Aliens. It is so big it can literally eat a Marine. The Onos can take a lot of damage, due to its large health and armour.

Its abilities are:

Structures Edit

Although the Aliens don't consturct structures, they are still however, able to make them.

The Alien structures are:

Hive Edit

The Hive is where the Aliens spawn from and is their main structure.

Harvestor Edit

The Aliens Resource Tower functions the same way the Marines does. At a set interval, it collects one resource and distributes it to one of the Aliens.

Offence Chamber Edit

The Offence Chamber is a kind of turret for the Aliens. To injure Marines the Offence Chamber shoots out spikes from its body.

Defence Chamber Edit

The Defence Chamber heals everything within a area of it.

Movement Chamber Edit

The Movement Chamber enables the Aliens, by 'using' the Chamber, to teleport to a Hive.

Sensory Chamber Edit

The Sensory Chamber cloaks everything within a certain distance of it, unless an Alien moves too fast.