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50 (75 with Carapace)




11 flying, 2.8 ground

Gestation Time:

15 seconds

Resource Cost:


The Lerk is a fierce, agile, and avian-like Kharaa lifeform; it has massive wings which allow it to glide through the air and quickly reach high velocities, often appearing to Marines as an orange blur. As speedy as it is deadly, the Lerk can deliver quick-acting poison through its bite, and shoot razor-sharp spikes in rapid succession from its tubular organs. As the Kharaa grow more Hives, the Lerk can evolve the abilities to exhale thick clouds of toxic spores, and even bullet-disintegrating clouds. With its sharp claws, it can roost onto walls and ceilings to lay in wait for potential prey.


  • Poison BitePoison bite is the primary attack for Lerk. It can bite using its large beak and inject non-lethal poison into Marines, which often brings them to the brink of death and make for easy prey.
  • SpikesSpikes is the alternate attack for Lerk. It is an inaccurate, rapid-fire hit-scan attack, allowing Lerk to strike at Marines over range.
  • Spores: The alternate attack for Lerk, it can exhale clouds of toxic spores, which damages Marine health as indicated by their loud coughing; Spore clouds can also act as a smokescreen to provide quick cover for escape or advance, and the clouds will slowly drift toward the ground. The Flamethrower  is able to burn and evaporate Spore clouds. Spore can be continuously channeled for as long as energy reserves permit. Spore becomes available when Evolve Spore is researched from a Hive.
  • UmbraThe Lerk expels a cloud of gaseous smoke which expands after a short time. Umbra will latch onto nearby Kharaa lifeforms and structures, allowing through only half of the shots fired by Marine ballistic weapons (doesn't affect flamethrowers, grenades, or ARCs). Umbra becomes available when Lerk Upgrades is researched from a Shift.
Lerk Abilities
Ability Damage ROF/sec Energy Cost Hive Level
Poison Bite 60 N/A 5 1
Spikes 9-12 ~0.17 seconds 1.4 0
Spores 20 0.18 seconds 5 2
Umbra N/A N/A 25 3


The strange spelling of their name can be attributed to the unique and colorful vocabulary of one Commander Ty Sumnish, who brought back from the field a treasure trove of data on the Lerk very early on in the Kharaa/human conflict.


Wiry, fast and fierce, Lerks excel at attacking from a distance. They are small and light - making them difficult targets, but less resistant to damage. If Skulks are hit and run artists, then Lerks are guerrilla fighters without peer, using their speed, mobility, and range to harass marine squads with impunity.Lerks' relatively low health means that they must avoid making a target of themselves, often hiding in niches and attacking marine bases with their spikes. They often wait, lurking on some shadowed perch, until a target presents itself.  

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