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Machine Gun
Cosmetic Variants:


Normal HMG

Kodiak hmg.png

Kodiak HMG

Tundra hmg.png

Tundra HMG

Forge hmg.png

Forge HMG

Sandstorm hmg.png

Sandstorm HMG

TRes Icon team resource neutral.gif 20 to drop
PRes Icon personal resource neutral.png 20 to buy
Damage vs structures: 7 (7.7/8.4/9.1)
vs players: 10.5 (11.55/12.6/13.65)
Type Puncture (150% versus Players)
Fire Rate 1 round per 0.055 seconds
Spread 3.2 degree
Reload Speed 3.5 seconds
Clip Size 100
Ammo 500
Weight 0.18


The Machine Gun is a fast firing primary weapon that deals extra damage against players. It holds 100 rounds in each magazine and a Marine can carry a maximum of 4 extra magazines, making for a total ammo pool of 500 rounds. The Machine gun has a spread of 4 radians. The Machine Gun has a weight of 0.18, which is more than the Grenade Launcher and highest of all weapons. The Machine Gun slows down movement speed for Marines the most.

Info.png Info: Running with a Machine Gun in the inventory and a Pistol in hand is just as fast as running with an Assault Rifle in hand.

The Machine Gun is also a support weapon made to provide a covering fire for teammates. It's an heavy weapon, it takes a long time to reload, and is pretty bad in close combat compared to the shotgun.


Think about it like a static and mounted heavy gun above the ground. It's best usage is by covering people in front of it and by staying behind.

  • Stay behind your team mates, your mission is to keep them alive. A shotgun will be way better for the front job.
  • Don't shoot unless an alien is going to bite a team mate. You are not holding a rifle and each time you take the risk to reload, that's a window of time you are not capable of proving the cover you are supposed to.
  • Overall, only reload if you have less than 40 bullets left (+10 pistol shots), 25 bullets are enough to kill a skulk or even two. Same as above, the more you reload the less you are capable of defending your teammates.
  • Don't shoot RTs, Cysts or buildings. You are supposed to protect shotgunners at the front against skulks and lifeforms.
  • Pairing with a jetpack can increase your survivability with this weapon, enabling you to dodge and retreat from combat to reload.

Additional Tips

  • Do not shoot aliens on sight
  • Do not Reload when you are at 90/100 bullets (leading to you reloading 80% of the time)
  • Do not be the first pushing the front line, and dying because you are spraying all your bullets in close combat.
  • Do not shoot buildings, it doesn't deal much damages and will lead you to certainly die before the end of your first reload.


There are currently 5 variations of the Machine Gun skin available for use by TSF Marines.

Info.png Info:  • Not all variants are available for purchase.

          • Skins are purely cosmetic and offer no augmented or additional stats in-game.

Camouflage variants & availability
Variant Description Acquisition Notes
Normal Default Armor. Provided with game. Comes with the base game.
Forge Black and red with orange highlights. Can be bought in the Customization Screen in-game. Released with the Forge Pack DLC as part of the NS2 5 year anniversary update (Build 319), and completed with the Merry Gorgemas! update (Build 336).
Kodiak Green jungle camouflage. Can be bought in the Customization Screen in-game. Released with the Kodiak update, and completed with the Merry Gorgemas! update (Build 336).
Sandstorm Black and gold with red highlights Can be bought in the Customization Screen in-game. Released with the Catalyst update (Build 324).
Tundra White and blue design. Can be bought in the Customization Screen in-game. Released with the Tundra update (Build 285), and completed with the Merry Gorgemas! update (Build 336).