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Spark Editor is the Editor for making maps/levels for Natural Selection 2. Spark Engine is a proprietary engine from Unknown Worlds.

Launching Spark Editor[]

Go to ..\Steam\SteamApps\common\Natural Selection 2

Run "LaunchPad.exe", create a new project, then launch "Editor"

General Layout[]


1/ Toolbar : used to creates Lines, Faces, Entity, Lights, change texture and more

2/ Layers : Layers are used to display and mask object from the views. Wherever it's a big entity that you don't need to see everytime (like locations), or just an object in the way that bothers you. Some Layers have a special Effect (Vents)

3/ Groups : Regroup faces, vertices or any object to one thing. Some groups have a special Effects.

4/ Browser or Properties : this will display the Properties depending of the tool you are currently using

5/ General View : Can be either 1 angle or 4 angles

6/ Selection Filter : You can filter with object you are selecting with your mouse

7/ View Properties : You can change from 2D to 3D view, also wireframe and Lit (= With light preview) or Unlit (no Light Preview)

Creating Faces[]

This this official tutorial on Youtube. Old but still ok :


Natural Selection 2 Spark SDK Mapping Tutorial -1 (Spark Level Editor)

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External Ressources[]

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