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This page is all about sound in Spark Editor in Natural Selection 2

Sounds Entities[]

Those are the Entity that can be used :

Ambient_sound Play a FMOD sound in a Radius (see below)
Ambient_sound_player Play a FMOD for any player (= music)
reverb Add Reverb Effect

By defaut an ambient_sound play as a Loop. A sound has 3 radius that displays in the 3D view (From farest to closest) :

Trigger radius > Maximum falloff > Minimum falloff

Triggering sound[]

Triggers can be used to play or pause a sound.

Name Action
area_trigger trigger when player enters the area
button_emitter trigger when pushing a button (see ns2_descent club and push the jukebox)

Sound & Occlusion[]

Since Build 327 :

  • Added map occlusion geometry group for sound occlusion. This gets rid of sounds being muffled by small/medium obstacles within maps that are covered with occlusion geometry. Fmod will fall back using the normal occ-geo group if there is no special sound occ-geo group, to remain backwards compatible.

Using a custom sound  []

Spark and Natural Selection uses a program called "FMOD". It is a program that creates sound events. The purpose of using this software is that from one sound (ie : a gun shot) you can have different variants (Pitch, duration, reverb, etc)

Beware : you'll need a specific version of FMOD

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