Natural Selection Wiki

Spark is a very different engine from others

Thus, Spark is only set for Natural Selection 2

Here are some beginner's advice :

Read everything[]

Read as much documentation and watch as many videos as you can. Don't worry, there isn't that much since it's not a very known engine.

Make a greybox map[]

Greybox is the best way to begin a map. Use a 256 units scale for everything, this can be quick

Remember you can download an example map here :

Beware making duplicate points/lines.[]

Example : you should not make an extrude room attached to one another. Or you will have to use select 2 points and then "Weld Selected vertices" (+snap to min grid).

Best way to know if something is in double is to select it then delete it (then CTRL + Z)

Make simple geometry[]

Only use 45° angles

Make complex geometry not welded to your main greybox map.

Use stuff from existing maps[]

It's sometimes more simple to open an existing official map (remember you can open any *.level files) and take prefabs and copy/paste props from an existing map rather than searching with the prop explorer.

Although it can be considered as "cheating", I can guarantee that it's the best way to go fast and finding interesting and accurate props for the room you are designing.