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Frontiersman Structures[]

Marine structures are easily deployable equipment used by the TSF. Typically printed with nano-technology and from Alterra Corporation approved pre-fabricated equipment patterns, the structures of the TSF are compact, storable, easily constructed items to provide technology to their troops on the front. All structures come in two formats basic and advanced each of these trees contain two separate paths and research requirements and have individual Team Resource requirements in order to build them. One requirement that all buildings must have is a Power Nodes supplying ample power to the buildings in that room otherwise the equipment will revert to its powered down storage state.

Base TSF Buildings[]

Base buildings are primary buildings that offer base technology advantages. Usually, they require minimal amounts of Team Resources to build and are required to unlock advanced structures.

Basic Structures
Structure Description Shared Attributes Additional Information
Command station idle

Command Station
Frontiersmen command structure that houses the Marine Commander.
Extractor idle

Extracts Team and Personal Resources for the Frontiersmen to build and upgrade.
Infantry portal idle

Infantry Portal
Respawn structure for Marines.
  • Can be built only near a Command Station.
  • Marine Commander can issue Move Waypoint to newly spawned Marines.
Armory idle

Marine resupply point and weapons arsenal.
  • Can be built on valid ground anywhere.
  • Costs Supply to build.
  • Restores Marines' Health and ammo when facing the Armory.
  • Enables the Buy Menu for players to buy new weapons.
  • Marine Commander can research new weapons for purchase.
  • Upgrades to Advanced Armory.
Robotics factory idle small

Robotics Factory
ARC idle

Robotics Factory - Robot manufacturing structure.

ARC - Deployable mobile siege cannon.

MAC - Worker unit that performs repair and construction.
  • Can be built on valid ground anywhere.
  • Costs Supply to build.
  • Produces MAC.
    • MAC builds and repairs friendly structures.
    • Welds Marine and Exosuit Armor.
  • Upgrades to ARC Factory.
    • Produces ARC.
    • ARC deploys to fire anti-structure sonic blasts through walls.
MAC idle

Arms lab idle

Arms Lab
Weapons and Armor upgrade structure.
  • Can be built on valid ground anywhere.
  • After research gives Weapons 1/2/3 which increase most weapons' damage.
  • After research gives Armor 1/2/3 which increases Marine and Exosuit Armor.

Advanced TSF Buildings[]

Advanced buildings are secondary or mid-game buildings that offer specific technology advantages. Usually, they require a higher amount of Team Resources to build along with base building prerequisites.

Advanced Structures
Structure Description Shared Attributes Additional Information
Sentry idle

Sentry battery idle

Sentry Battery
Sentry - Static defense that shoots Kharaa lifeforms on sight.

Sentry Battery - Provides power for Sentry turrets.
  • Build on valid ground anywhere.
  • Constructed by Marines or MACs.
  • Armor corrodes when on Infestation.
  • Reduced construction rate on Infestation.
  • Can be recycled for partial cost refund.
  • Costs Supply to build.
    • Maximum 3 Sentries per Battery.
    • Maximum 1 Sentry Battery per room.
  • Sentry operates on Battery power only.
  • Sentry can be confused by Spores and Stomp.
  • Battery operates even without power in the room.
Observatory idle

Detection structure that highlights Kharaa units and structures.
  • Cannot operate without power.
  • Detects any Kharaa lifeform, units, and structures in a large radius.
    • Detected units and structures positions are periodically tracked on screen.
    • Reveals units and structures under Shade Cloak or Camouflage evolution invisibility.
  • Unlocks Scan and Distress Beacon commander abilities by default.
  • Unlocks Phase Gate after research.
Phase gate idle

Phase Gate
Teleportation system for Marines.
  • Cannot operate without power.
  • Requires at least 2 Phase Gates to activate.
  • Teleports Marines to another Phase Gate instantly.
  • Links to all active Phase Gates anywhere on the map.
Prototype lab idle

Prototype Lab
Marine equipment arsenal.
  • Cannot operate without power.
  • Enables the Buy Menu for players to buy new equipment.
  • Marine Commander can research new equipment for purchase.