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This article is about the Mods. For the the process of creating Mods, see Modding


Natural Selection 2 is meant to be heavily modifiable. Mods can be found in the Steam Workshop of Natural Selection 2.

Depending on the modification the Mod can be run as a player or has to be be run on a Server.

Mod IDs[]

For some use cases you require the mod ID of a mod. This is a decimal number which is easy to acquire for every mod, as it can simply be copied from the mod's URL. The mod ID is simply the number after "/?id=" in the URL.

The NSL Badges mod ( has the mod ID 2899635443.

If you have searched for a mod, the URL gets extended by your search text. In that case, the mod ID is the number between "/?id=" and "&searchtext=".

If you search for "shine" and find the Shine Administration mod (, you can see it has the mod ID 117887554.

Old Hex IDs[]

Prior to the introduction of UGC mods, mod IDs used to be in a hexadecimal format. These hex IDs can still be used, but it is not recommended to do it. To convert decimal and hexadecimal IDs one only needs a converter, as the two IDs are only the respective equivalent of each other. In most cases, hex IDs require " " to work, for example in map cycle files.

Converting the Shine Administration hex ID "706d242" to decimal results in 117887554.

Converting the NSL Badges decimal ID 2899635443 to hexadecimal results in "acd4ecf3".


Servers need to only have Whitelisted Mods in order to stay Ranked.

As a Modder you need to ask an official NS2 Developer if you want to whitelist your Mod. You can do so in the #mod-whitelist-request channel on Discord.

Client Mods[]

Mods that usually pass the consistency check of normal Servers can be used to modify certain things to your playstyle:



For Competitive Play a special Mod called CompMod is used to adjust balance differently from the base game.

Activating Client Mods[]

  1. In the Steam Workshop you can subscribe to Natural Selection 2 Mods.
  2. In the Main Menu -> Mods you can activate or deactivate the Mods. (Subscribed Mods are on top, after a new Patch has been released, usually the Mods will be reset.)
  3. When joining a Server check the console in case a mod creates errors or is deactivated due to a failed consistency check