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This article is about the Mods. For the the process of creating Mods, see Modding


Natural Selection 2 is meant to be heavily modifiable. Mods can be found in the Steam Workshop of Natural Selection 2.

Depending on the modification the Mod can be run as a player or has to be be run on a Server.


Servers need to only have whitelisted Mods in order to stay Ranked.

As a Modder you need to ask an official NS2 Developer if you want to whitelist your Mod.

Client Mods[]

Mods that usually pass the consistency check of normal Servers can be used to modify certain things to your playstyle:



For Competitive Play a special Mod called CompMod is used to adjust balance differently from the base game.

Activating Client Mods[]

  1. In the Steam Workshop you can subscribe to Natural Selection 2 Mods.
  2. In the Main Menu -> Mods you can activate or deactivate the Mods. (Subscribed Mods are on top, after a new Patch has been released, usually the Mods will be reset.)
  3. When joining a Server check the console in case a mod creates errors or is deactivated due to a failed consistency check