Natural Selection Wiki


Instructions how to Mute a player via Voice or Text.

Muting a players voice will also mute their requests, such as Med Pack requests, to the Marine Commander.


  • To mute a player, open Scoreboard and left click on the player. A menu will show up to go to player profile or mute voice or text.
  • To mute a player permanently, open your Windows Explorer, navigate to %appdata%\Natural Selection 2 and open MutedPlayers.json with some simple text editor like notepad.
    • You will find a value called targetTime, describing a timestamp to end muting. When some player never stops beeing annoying, you might be annoyed when you have to mute the same player again and again. To permanently mute those players, increase the value to a date very far in the future. You may set it to 2147483647. That's the maximum value for a traditional 32-bit-integer and will expire in the year 2038.