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Warning.png Warning: NS2+ has been integrated into the base game and has been replaced by the Advanced Tab.

Info.png Info: The NS2+ Mod is still available on the Steam Workshop and still present on some servers. The mod has no effect and is just an empty folder.

This article is about the customisation options for the NS2+ mod. For the vanilla game settings, see Options

NS2+ or NS2Plus is a mod (originally named Custom HUD), initially developed by Mendasp and later purchased by Unknown Worlds (UWE) in 2016, that aims to improve, fix and expand NS2 in order to bring players a better experience. It contains extra customization options and quality of life improvements. NS2+ also brings more players' information when you die and at the end of a round (see Stats UI in the Stats category below to enable or disable it).

Using locally

The NS2+ Logo

This mod needs to be installed on the server you play on in order to be able to change your NS2+ Options and see them working. You can also subscribe to the mod in the Steam Workshop (ID: 334982d2) and check it in "Mods", under "Options", in the main menu to be able to access the NS2+ Options directly from the menu without joining a server that runs it.

Once ingame, press the "Esc" key, then "Options", "Mods" and NS2Plus options.png to display all the mod options.

Press the NS2Plus X.png next to the option you want to manually reset, it isn't displayed when the option is already the default one.

Click on NS2Plus reset.png to reset all the options.


Legend of settings:

  • default
  • quality - for improved visuals
  • performance - for a better frame rate
  • advised - setting that give you an advantage compared to the other settingsFunny tips: you can type swalkmode (or iamthelaw), goldenmode (or mynameisgolden) or ironmode in the console when you are on a server.


Options Parameters Description Image
Minimal GUI On / Off Removes backgrounds/scanlines from all UI elements.
RT Count Dots Number / Dots Toggles the RT count dots at the bottom and replaces them with a number. NS2Plus PRes.png
Comm Name / Team Res On / Off Enables or disables showing the commander name and team resources.
Game Time On / Off Adds or removes the game time on the top left of the HUD.
Current Time On / Off Adds or removes the current time on the top left of the HUD.
Crosshair Scale 0 < <100 < 200 Lets you inscrease or decrease the size of your Crosshair.
Reload and Cooldown Indicator Only hidden viewmodels / On / Off Enables or disables a reload indicator around your crosshair. It also displays the cooldown status of some alien movement abilities. Useful for hidden viewmodels.
Reload Indicator Color R:0 G:160 B:255 Sets the color for the reload indicator.
Objective Banners On / Off Enables or disables the banners in the center of the screen ("Commander needed", "Power node under attack", "Evolution lost", etc.).
Research Notifications On / Off Enables or disables the research completed notifications on the right side of the screen.
Weapon Inventory Default / Hide / Show ammo / Always on / Always on + ammo Lets you customize the functionality of the inventory. NS2Plus Weapon Inventory.png
Alien Hive] Status UI On / Off Enables or disables the Hive status display in the top left of the alien HUD.
Marine Minimap On / Off Enables or disables the minimap and location name.
Marine Comm Actions On / Off Shows or hides the last commander actions.
Marine Health Bars On / Off Enables or disables the health bars from the bottom left of the marine HUD and only leaves the numbers.
Upgrade Level UI Default / NS2Beta / Disabled Changes between disabled, default or old icons for marine upgrades. NS2Plus Upgrade Level.png
Show Welder as Upgrade Enabled / Disabled When you have a Welder it shows up under the armor and weapon level. NS2Plus Welder Upgrade.png
Classic Ammo Counter On / Off Enables or disables a classic ammo counter on the bottom right of the marine HUD, above the personal resources text.
Low Ammo Warning Enabled / Disabled Enables or disables the low ammo warning in the weapon displays. NS2Plus Low Ammo.png
HUD Bars (Marine) Disabled / HL2 Style / NS1 Style HL2 Style displays health/armor and ammo next to the Crosshair. NS1 Style puts big bars at the bottom on each side.
HUD Bars (Alien) Disabled / HL2 Style / NS1 Style HL2 Style displays health/armor and energy next to the Crosshair. NS1 Style puts big bars at the bottom on each side.
Alien Circles Default / Oma / Rantology / Old Vanilla Lets you choose between different alien energy/health circles. NS2Plus Alien Circles.png
Instant Alien Health Bar On / Off The alien health circle displays the current value instead of using animations when health changes.
Default AV State On / Off Sets the state the Alien Vision will be in when you respawn.
Alien Vision Default / HUZE's Old AV / Huze's Minimal AV / Uke's AV / Old AV (Fanta) / Cr4zyAV Lets you choose between different Alien Vision types. Cr4zyAV brings more customisable options but may impact the game's performance significantly negatively. Creating your own Mod can reduce that issue.


Options Parameters Description Image
Killfeed Highlight Enabled / Disabled Enables or disables the border for your player kills in the killfeed.
Use Custom Killfeed Highlight Color Enabled / Disabled Lets you choose the color of the highlight border for your kills in the killfeeds.
Killfeed Highlight Color R:255 G:0 B:0 If the previous option is set on Enabled, allows you to choose the color of the highlight border for your kills in the killfeed.
Killfeed Scale 100 < 200 Lets you scale the killfeed.
Nameplate Style Default / Percentages / Bars Only / Percentages + Bars Changes building names and health/armor bars for teammates and structures. NS2Plus Nameplates Styles.png
Small Nameplates On / Off Makes fonts in the nameplates smaller.
Score Popup On / Off Disables or enables Score popup (+5).
Score Popup Color R:25 G:255 B:25 If the previous option is set on On, allows you to change the color of the Score popup.
Assist Score Popup On / Off Disables or enables the assists Score popup.
Assists Popup Color R:191 G:191 B:25 If the previous option is set on On, allows you to change the color of the assists popup.
Waypoints On / Off Disables or enables all waypoints except Attack orders (waypoints can still be seen on the minimap).
Minimal Waypoints On / Off Toggles all text/backgrounds and only leaves the waypoint icon. NS2Plus Minimal Waypoints.png
Automatic Waypoints On / Off Enables or disables automatic waypoints (not given by the commander).
Pickup Expiration Bar All pickupables / Disabled / Equipment Only Adds a bar indicating the time left for the pickupable to disappear.
Dynamically Colored Expiration Bar Enabled / Disabled Makes the expire bar colored depending on time left.
Motion Tracking Circles Default / Minimal Lets you choose between default scan circles and a less obstructing one. NS2Plus Motion Tracking.png
Dynamically Colors Repair Icon Enabled / Disabled Makes the wrench on the marine HUD be color coded with the amount of damage received.


Options Parameters Description
Server-side Blood Hits Predicted / Server confirmed Disables predicted blood on the client and turns it into server-confirmed blood.
Hit Indicator Fade Time 0 < 25 < 100 Controls how long the Crosshair hit indicator will last after hitting a target.
Faster Damage Numbers Faster / Instant / Default Lets you choose the speed of the "counting up" text animation for the damage number.
Overkill Damage Numbers Enabled / Disabled Makes damage numbers display overkill values on the killing blow. This displays the damage done even if it's higher than the target's remaining HP instead of the actual damage dealt.
Damage Number Fade Time 0 < 1 < 3 Controls how long damage numbers are on screen.
Damage Numbers Scale 50 < 100 < 200 Lets you scale the damage numbers.
Shotgun Damage Numbers Default / Per Shot Optionally shows unique damage numbers for each Shotgun shot.
Marine Damage Numbers Color R:77 G:219 B:255 Changes the color of the Marine damage numbers.
Alien Damage Numbers Color R:255 G:202 B:58 Changes the color of the Alien damage numbers.


Options Parameters Description
Overview Opacity 0 | 50 < 85 < 100 Sets the transparency of the map overview.
Location Text Opacity 0 < 65 < 100 Sets the transparency of the location text on the minimap.
Friends Highlighting On / Off Enables or disables the friend highlighting on the minimap.
Phase Gate Lines Animated Arrows / Solid Line / Static Arrows / Animated Lines Customizes the look of the Phase Gate (Natural Selection 2) lines on the Map.
Minimap Key Behavior Hold / Toggle Lets you make the minimap map key a toggle instead of a holding.
Spectator Overhead Smoothing Smoothed / Instant Toggles between smoothed and instant camera movement when clicking on the minimap as an overhead spectator.
Use Custom Minimap Arrow Color Enabled / Disabled Lets you set the color of the arrow indicating your position on the minimap. Default is white.
Tech Point / Res Node Minimap Color R:0 G:255 B:128 Sets the color for the empty Tech Points and Resource Nodes on the minimap.
Marines Minimap Player Color R:0 G:216 B:255 Sets the color of marine players on the minimap different from the structures.
Alien Minimap Player Color R:255 G:138 B:0 Sets the color of alien players on the minimap different from the structures.
(Comm) Building Highlight On / Off Highlights the buildings of the same type that you're about to drop in the minimap in a different color.
(Comm) Building Highlight Color R:255 G:255 B:0 The previous option needs to be set on On. Selects the color of the building highlight.


Options Parameters Description
Hitsounds Vanilla / Dystopia / Quake 3 / Quake 4 Chooses between different server confirmed hitsounds.
Hitsounds Pitch Modifier High Pitch / Low Pitch Sets the pitch for high damage hits on variable damage weapons. This setting has no effect and isn't displayed if hitsounds are set on Vanilla.
Ambient Sounds On / Off Enables or disables map ambient sounds.


Options Parameters Description
Map Particles On / Off Enables or disables particles, holograms and other map specific effects.
Minimal Particles On / Off Toggles between default and less vision obscuring particles.
High Performance Lights On / Off Replaces the low quality option lights with high performance lights which have the lowest light count. Requires low quality lights in the vanilla graphic options.
Flashlight Atmospherics 0 < 100 Sets the atmospheric density of flashlights.
Blur On / Off Removes the background blur from menus/minimap.
Max Decal Lifetime (minutes) 0 < 1 < 100 Changes the maximum decal lifetime. You still have to set the slidebar to your liking in the vanilla options.
Weapon Tracers On / Off Enables or disables weapon tracers.
Gorge Spit Default / High Visibility Replaces gorge spit with a model (rifle_grenade) so it gets outlines and is easier to see with custom Alien Vision.


Options Parameters Description
Auto-Center Scoreboard On / Off Enables or disables the Scoreboard scrolling up to your entry after opening it.
KDA/KAD KAD / KDA Switches the Scoreboard and colums between Kills Assists Deaths (KAD) and Kills Deaths Assists (KDA).
Stats UI Enabled / Fully Disabled / Only Voiceover menu Enables or disables the stats you get after you die and at the end of the round. Also visible on voiceover menu.
End Game Stats UI Order Team Stats first / Personal Stats first Sets the oder in which the stats after a round ends are displayed.


Options Parameters Description
Caster Mode On / Off Makes NS2+ use all the default values without overwriting your current config.
UI Scaling Version Default / Old Reverts the UI Scaling introduced in Build 276 and uses the stuff from previous builds.Use at your own risk.
UI Scaling 5 / 100 < 200 Changes the scaling for the UI. Note that not everything will adapt to this as not everything is using the same scaling function and some elements might break. Use at your own risk. This option isn't displayed if the UI Scaling Version is set to Old.
Team Specific Sensitivities On / Off Opens three new options and lets you have different sensitivities for aliens (same sensitivity for every lifeforms or a different sensitivity for each specific lifeform) and marines.
Alien Ability Select Method Default / Use Weapon Slots Lets you choose the way you select/activate alien abilities.
Team Specific FOV On / Off Opens two new options and lets you have different FOVs for aliens and marines.
Weapon Autopickup On / Off Picks up weapons automatically as long as the slot they belong to is empty.
Autopickup Better Weapon On / Off Picks up better weapons in the primary slot automatically.
Draw Viewmodel Display All / Hide All / Custom Enables or disables showing the viewmodel. Custom opens new options and allows you to enable or disable to your liking the Marine, Alien (specific lifeform viewmodels can also be disabled) or Exo viewmodels.

This needs to be manually allowed by the server-operator

(Comm) Marine Click Selection On / Off Lets you disable click selecting for Marines.
(Comm) Spacebar Player Alerts Default / Only Player Alerts Allows the spacebar alert queue to only respond to player requests.
(Comm) Research Time Tooltip On / Off Displays the time remaining when hovering over the research icon.