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Christmas Rhyme I[]

There is one special night a year
On which on good old Veil
Marines are sneaking through the vents
To build a ninja gate.

They come just under Kharaa hive,
Take welders in their hands,
And quickly build the pg there
Listening to commands.

Whole team is here, around the gate
Each soldier carrying things.
Quietly as they've ever been
They enter aliens' lands.

About the hive, along the walls,
Red stockings hang around,
Marines unload their hefty bags
Putting presents inside...

Gorges and fades, oni and skulks,
Snore softly on warm cysts,
Dreaming that Santa Claus will come,
Even though they're not kids.

Marines quietly turn around,
Go back through the pg,
And then their comm recycles it
And Veil falls into sleep...

Christmas Rhyme II[]

Humans are sleeping in their warmy beds,
It takes three skulks to haul this heavy bag,
We will surprise them like they did to us,
We will spare no one, counted everyone.

Passing Logistics, and Repair, and Hub,
Closer to Warehouse, where they have their hive,
We learned about it just a month ago,
Their metal hives have a small space below.

Gorges prepared a beautiful cloth,
Boxes were packed by diligent lerks,
And Fades, well, made use of their claws,
Writing best wishes while hiding a smirk.

No one can notice super-stealthy skulks,
The bag is heavy but it makes no sound,
Presents are put in the space one by one,
Humans saw nothing, it's a job well done!

Aliens can sometimes be generous too,
Not only humans know what means to give,
Maybe tomorrow will see fighting skulks,
But now, silently, Tram falls into sleep...