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   Balance Mod: Version 1.9
   Final Patch: Build 344
   Community Balance Mod: Revision 2.0.3
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You can make Aliens think you're low on health by requesting Med Packs. This will annoy your Commander however

NS2 Steam News

Unknown Worlds Entertainment ceases active development of Natural Selection 2 - - 2023/02/14 17:11

10 years since its official release and over 117 updates later, active development of Natural Select...

HOTFIX Update 344 - - 2022/12/30 23:39

Greetings!We just deployed a hotfix to the game that resolves several issues with skill values not u...
Build 344
      Dec 30, 2022


  • Fixed several issues regarding Skill updates
  • Fixed some errors
Patch 342
Natural Selection 1 & 2 are multiplayer first-person shooter and real-time strategy games developed by Unknown Worlds Entertainment where TSF Marines fight the Kharaa Alien threat in a ruthless fight for survival..

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Hive and command station Extractor and harvester on nozzle TSF logo Power nodes Kharaa logo Cysts on infestation
Commanding Resource Model Marines Power Nodes Aliens Infestation
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Maps In-Game Badges Weapons Lifeforms
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