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Date: July 29, 2010


  • Multiple bug fixes
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  • Fixed bug where a client would continue to try and connect after the server reported that it was full or the client was using the wrong protocol
  • Fixed bug where clients could only connect to servers on the default port
  • Fixed bug where the port was removed when connecting via console command
  • Fixed bug on multi-monitor systems that resulted in a graphics reset loop
  • Fixed window border when switching from fullscreen to windowed
  • Fixed bug where key events outside of the game's focus window would sometimes be processed by the game
  • Fixed bug where the dedicated server could not be run without Steam running
  • Fixed duplicate attack/fire key bindings that caused mismatches
  • Fixed voice chat to use in-game sound volume on playback
  • Fixed bug where where clients could timeout while alt-tabbed from the game in fullscreen mode
  • Fixed bug where binding a game server to an IP would cause it to not be displayed in the server browser
  • Added client-side timeouts when attempting to connect to a server
  • Added support for closing a dedicated server by pressing ctrl+break
  • Added alt-enter to toggle between fullscreen and windowed mode
  • Added dedicated server files to the Steam release
  • Added Toggle Console binding to UI settings


  • Fixed bug where MACs were free (now they cost 2 plasma)
  • Fixed bug with Armory playing extra sounds when players were nearby
  • Added rally points for Hives and Command Stations
  • Fixed many vent physics objects so they can be entered
  • Fixed hitching animation problems while sprinting as marine
  • Logging into a Command Station no longer freezes you but it will open again if the logging in player leaves
  • When the Command Station closes, anyone inside besides the Commander is killed
  • Aliens become Commander instantly when +using the hive
  • Fixed bug where Extractors or Harvesters couldn't be built on a nozzle that had one previously
  • Added welding effect to MAC
  • Added new marine commander icon artwork
  • Improve marine running and jumping animations
  • Updated shell ejection effect for the Rifle, Pistol, and Grenade Launcher
  • New docking_walltech environment props