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Date: August 13, 2010


  • Many bugfixes
  • Marines can now build
  • Added Parasite for Skulks
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  • Fixed animation choppiness on player models
  • Fixed client-side and server-side memory leaks
  • Fixed bug where pressing Enter in the password dialog would append an invalid character to the password
  • Fixed bug where the server browser (after starting a game) only listed LAN servers
  • Fixed bug where using the subtractive blend mode for effects would sometimes corrupt the rendering
  • Fixed bug where binding a server to a specific IP address would fail
  • Fixed non-QWERTY or US keyboard layouts not working properly (doesn't fully work in chat yet)
  • Fixed tilde for opening the console on some keyboards
  • Fixed num lock not working when typing
  • Fixed bug where Decoda would not properly launch a mod that had spaces in the directory name
  • Fixed assert/crash when loading levels with certain types of concave faces
  • Fixed bug where error messages would be reported incorrectly when a base class for a Lua class was not found
  • Fixed timing discrepancies between the server and client when player input was processed (fixes shooting moving enemies)
  • Fixed bug where the physics system was not properly reporting the material of hit surfaces
  • Fixed bug where the disconnect message was printed multiple times in the log on the client when a server was shutdown
  • Fixed bug where the mouse cursor was sometimes hidden in the main menu when a client was disconnected from the server
  • Added keyboard repeat rate when typing
  • Added additional error messages when a client disconnects from the server
  • Added texture quality option to editor's general settings
  • Added support for setting string material parameters on RenderModels
  • Added the ability to connect to a server with a password from the console
  • Added "sound_debug 1" in "dev" mode for finding sound problems (helpful for mod authors)
  • Changed the cursor color in Deco/da to be the inverse of the background color
  • Synchronized the "fullscreen" check box with the current window state
  • Added Overview application for generating minimaps


  • Added doors. They open and close for players, but can also be "hacked" by a Marine Commander. They can also be locked (locks will be able to be destroyed by alien growth in the future).
  • New Commander tooltips that show you cost, requirements, cost, for most upgrades, structures and abilities.
  • Fixed many sound problems (ricochets, spawn sounds, etc.).
  • Fixed problem with running out of spawn points and falling through the world
  • Fixed problem where multiple upgrades of the same type couldn't be performed (ie, more than one advanced armory).
  • Alien morphing is no longer instant - you turn into an Egg and go third-person for a time.
  • Can no longer recycle occupied Command Stations.
  • Commanders never collide with anything.
  • Gorge #Abilities|spit and spray now fire instantly (you don't have to switch "modes").
  • Added parasite ability to Skulk! Hive sight isn't currently enabled though.
  • Marines no longer start with an Infantry Portal - they must build one. Infantry Portals must be built near a Command Station.
  • Hives start with 3 Drifters and Command Stations start with 2 MACs.
  • Marines can now help build structures like in NS1 (needs audio/visual effects still).
  • Scoreboard now shows colored numbers instead of colored bars.
  • Fixed problem where new hives didn't visually smash through tech point.
  • Added commander hotkeys (but only working for alien Commander at the moment).
  • Fixed problem where non-Commanding marines didn't get killed when closed in a Command Station.
  • Added death animations and ragdolls to most structures and players.
  • Fixed many commander icons.


  • Many updated sound effects and updated reverb settings.
  • ns2_tram updates.
  • Many new MAC voiceovers and tuned him to be less repetitive.
  • Added rifle sound variations.
  • More sci-fi rifle reload, better sounding Shotgun fire.
  • Added sound variations and improvements to Gorge and Lerk.