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Date: November 3, 2010


  • Fixed some networking issues, scripts, and other performance issues
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  • Fixed the net_lag console command
  • Fixed the player limit on servers
  • Fixed bug where the server could send two updates with the same time
  • Fixed bug where attempting to connect to a nonexistent server would not properly fail
  • Fixed issue where time would not advance uniformly on the client causing motion to appear jerky
  • Fixed bug where disconnecting and then reconnecting to a server could put the game in an incorrect state
  • Fixed bug where clients sometimes couldn't move when when connected to a server
  • Added support for extrapolation past the last update from the server
  • Added a timeout for authenticating with the Steam servers
  • Added displaying the average server tick rate with the net_stats console command


  • Fixed problem where infinite MACs and Drifters could be built and cause problems (now limited to 25 units in an area)
  • Fixed power node in tram marine expansion
  • Power nodes can be repaired properly again
  • Fixed extractor multiple upgrade bugs
  • Fixed hive sight drawing incorrectly
  • Fixed sentry accuracy problems
  • Fixed lowered server CPU performance when using sentries
  • Fixed problem with power nodes on map reset
  • Fixed missing text tooltips for commander UIs
  • Fixed build harvester problem from gestate menu
  • Fixed death message weirdness
  • Fixed ns2_junction minimap
  • Changed power nodes to pulse red when out of power (makes it more obvious)