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Date:November 16, 2010


  • Switched to Havok Physics
  • Noticeable frame rate improvements
  • New UI
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  • Changed collision detection to use the Havok engine
  • Optimized trace ray and sweep capsule tests
  • Fixed bug where keys could get stuck down after a frame hitch
  • Fixed bug where players could not be removed from the scoreboard after they left the game
  • Fixed bug where bots would not be properly removed from the server
  • Fixed crash on exit when trying to run the game without Steam running
  • Fixed bug where particle systems weren't properly occlusion culled
  • Fixed hardware cursors not being properly released on shutdown
  • Fixed bugs with the occlusion culling system not properly determining if something is visible
  • Changed the "Couldn't Connect" error message to be more descriptive
  • Added net_messages console command to log network messages received
  • Added r_gui console command to enable/disable drawing the GUI
  • Added the ability to include PROFILE markers in script code
  • Added support for Lua GUIs on models (i.e. ammo display on the Rifle)


  • Completely re-did Marine, Alien and "shared" (waypoints, chat, death messages, etc.) interfaces in Lua (was in flash). You should see noticeable frame-rate improvements.
  • Added very basic bots for load testing ("dev 1" at server, "addbots #" or "removebots #"
  • Armory "buy" menu fully client-side now so it's much more responsive
  • Hydras now build smoothly
  • MACs and Drifters now cost energy to produce (further eliminating spam and overly simplistic defence)
  • Sentries turn off completely without power
  • Power Nodes have almost-dead and dead electricity/sparking effects
  • Reduced number of network messages and footstep sounds dramatically
  • Networking optimizations
  • Power nodes work on level change
  • Structure flinch animations fixed
  • Changing weapons as marine is now faster and more responsive
  • Added basic pathing for bots (when commanding)
  • Fixed MAC welding effects
  • Skulk Leap now requires research (on the Whip, coming soon)
  • Fixed "doubling up" of some sounds