Natural Selection Wiki

Released November 22, 2010 - Official Blog Post


General Changes[]

  • Fixed server crashes
  • Fixed server growing memory usage
  • Fixed "can't connect" issues - there may still be some issues here but it should be much better
  • Added very basic loading progress
  • You can now see if a server is full in the server browser
  • Fixed stuck problem when evolving into a bigger lifeform (won't let you do it if not enough room)
  • Fixed problem with Fades occasionally getting stuck when blinking
  • Improved network performance, especially around hydras and projectiles
  • Fixed problem with MAC and Drifter sounds being heard when they shouldn't be
  • Updated center tech point on rockdown to fix errors
  • Fixed script console errors
  • Fixed Fade animations while stabbing and moving
  • Optimized Hydra target acquisition
  • Removed collision geometry from some maps that shouldn't be seen
  • Fixed missing marine flamethrower animations
  • Rifle melee now hits reliably (not urgent but snuck in there).