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Released December 2, 2010 - Official Blog Post



  • Reduced flamethrower direct damage from 50 to 35 and clip size 25 to 20
  • Grenades now bounce when they don't hit a target and explode after a few seconds. Grenades no longer hurt targets through walls.
  • Grenades can now hurt firer
  • Reduced grenade damage radius from 10 to 8 (mostly so you don't hurt yourself constantly)
  • Changed starting resources from 100 carbon (team) and 25 plasma (each player) to 50 carbon and 25 plasma
  • Added special first-person flamethrower effects when you're on fire (they don't obscure the screen)
  • Grenade now looks like it's coming out of the barrel instead of your face
  • Focus on back on marine building: Marine commander starts with no MACs, MACsnow build a lot slower than players and added +use effects for building marines (your view model doesn't go away at the moment, but it will soon)
  • Removed marine "Replicate" ability (doesn't fit the marines new focus back on player-building)
  • MACs cost more energy to make and take 2x as much damage to kill
  • Fixed bug where players that died while on fire spawned on fire
  • Changed Crags to not self-heal and to heal every 2 seconds instead of every 1 second (this is how DCs worked in NS1)
  • Rewrote marine sentries to function more like miniguns. They are nasty now, watch out! Fixed sound, animation and targeting problems with them.
  • Increased sentry build time from 7 to 15 because a) they are awesome and b) there's no turret factory
  • Sentries now cost 20 plasma (Commander) instead of 10 carbon
  • Changed Hydra cost from 5 plasma to 10
  • Fixed bug where plasma was being checked before letting players evolve, but wasn't being deducted (!)
  • Fade blink ghost model no longer warps and no longer orients to face targets unless very close to them
  • Added smooth Skulk rotation when going on and off walls. Reduced interpenetration of skulk model with the world.
  • Added team carbon and individual plasma display to the scoreboard
  • MASCs are now known as ARCs (but not in the game yet)
  • Revamped marine commander UI buttons to be simpler and more evenly distributed. Added uniform top bar of buttons that allows you to always easily access Build, Advanced, Assist + Squads (more like NS1)
  • Moved marine armor2/ammo2 to tier 2 (Command Facility) and armor3/ammo3 to tier 3 (Command Center)
  • Med Packs now remove parasite
  • Sentries, hydras, MACs and Drifters now always hit structures, no matter what animation or state they are in
  • Capped structure innate regeneration at .5% of structure max health per second so eggs don't count up like crazy
  • Fixed alien structure innate regeneration
  • Alien innate regeneration now heals a minimum of 1 health (like NS1)
  • Added regeneration sound whenever an alien entity gets healed
  • Brightened "out of power" red lighting a bit
  • Fixed problems with rogue sounds being heard when they weren't supposed to
  • Lots of smaller bug fixes (death message icons, animations, etc.)


  • Fixed bug where the game could not be run without a sound card
  • Fixed bug where the game would not always shutdown on exit (process would continue to run)
  • Fixed bug a new game couldn't be joined after leaving a game
  • Fixed "connection issues" when first joining a game
  • Fixed bug where clients could timeout during the loading process
  • Fixed disconnect messages on the server not indicating when a client times out
  • Converted the pistol ammo display to use Lua instead of Flash (optimization)
  • Converted the Shotgun ammo display to use Lua instead of Flash (optimization) and fixed reserve ammo display


  • Better Fade swipe hit sounds on various materials, better marine structure generic death sound. level tweeks + fall offs on organic ricochets. louder sentry sounds.
  • Detail pass of Alien Expansion (ns2_tram)
  • Fixed visible clipping geometry outside alien start (ns2_tram)
  • Fixed map leak exploits (ns2_rockdown)