Natural Selection Wiki

Released December 10, 2010 - No Official Blog Post


General Changes[]

  • Fixed footstep sounds and ricochet effects not playing properly because the material was unknown
  • Improved client and server performance
  • Added hot-loading support for Lua scripts
  • Fixed gorge heal spray (actually effective now)
  • Slowed resource production a lot to come closer to NS1 (estimating that NS1 teams spent ~50% of resources on weapons and health/ammo)
  • Drifters now auto-heal
  • Crags auto-heal drifters
  • Hives start with 3 eggs, Masses 5 and Colonies 7
  • Added hive mist effects
  • Spawned structures should start at 0% built and end when 100% built
  • Added whip attack sound
  • New rifle sounds
  • New Alien Commander sprites