Natural Selection Wiki

Released December 21, 2010 - No Official Blog Post



  • Fixed egg spawning so that players don't spawn in walls
  • Fixed HUD damage indicators so that they point in the correct direction
  • Fixed problem with IP not starting as built on map reset
  • Fixed bug where the commander UI being on the screen after logging out/game ending
  • Fixed players being blinded when they were hit by the flamethrower
  • Fixed bug where the player would fire immediately after closing the armory buy menu
  • Fixed bug where an armory would become unusable
  • Fixed bug where you didn't start with the correct weapon on spawn
  • Fixed problem with weapons being deleted after a time
  • Fixed bug where players could use structures on the other team
  • Fixed bug where pre-placed IPs weren't present after being destroyed and then the map reset
  • Fixed bugs where tooltips were played at weird times
  • Improved the blood and flamethrower effects
  • Added more variations for environment steam and water drip effects
  • Added afterburner jets for MAC
  • Improved the usability of the commander minimap
  • Added research complete alerts on the minimap
  • Added scene pre-processing to the loading process to reduce hitches when moving throughout the world
  • Removed the jetpack from the UI until it's released
  • Added pre-game where players are frozen during countdown
  • Added the ability to tweak the sorting of nearby emitters with a "sort order" property

Balance Changes[]

  • Reduced Fade armor from 150 to 100
  • Reduced backward speed for marines (now 40% of max movement speed, like NS1)
  • Reworked marine weapon firing to be much tighter and (in theory) exactly like NS1
  • Made weapon switching much more responsive
  • Sentries now take 1/3 of the time to spin up
  • Players get points for building structures