Natural Selection Wiki

Released January 24, 2011 - No official Blog Post


General Changes[]

  • Optimized physics/collision detection
  • Fixed server memory leak when the server was restarted while clients were connected (thanks endar)
  • Fixed bug where clients wouldn't receive a message when the server shutdown
  • Added auto-save support to the Cinematic Editor
  • Fixed Lua errors not properly printing out the call stack information in the log
  • Fixed bug where the Observatory could scan before it was built (thanks Enceladus)
  • Fixed bug where the healing radius for the Crag wasn't displayed (thanks Enceladus)
  • Fixed bug when a structure gets recycled or destroyed that a running upgrade is lost (thanks Enceladus)
  • Fixed bug where the Umbra button was not usable with a Mature Crag (thanks Enceladus)
  • Fixed bug where a Mature Whip was not recognized as valid for researching melee upgrades (thanks Enceladus)
  • Added Shared.GetDataFromUrl function to retrieve data from an Internet URL
  • Added a section overview to the in-game profile display