Natural Selection Wiki

Released February 22, 2011

Official Changelog[]

  • Fixed bug where logging into the command station would mess up player's weapons when logged out
  • Updated infestation building sound to not be looping to reduce/fix out of channels problem
  • Disabled distress beacon until it works without spawning people in stuck
  • Fixed bug where looping sounds weren't destroyed when entities were destroyed
  • All parented sounds and particles for all Actors are now destroyed when they are
  • Fixed bug where armory arms opened on the wrong side (due to new random rotation of structures)
  • Mask alien players' names from marines while gestating. This way, aliens can take advantage of the "camouflage" in the hive provided by all the other eggs (thanks Skyler!)
  • Improvements and tweaks for all alien heal effects
  • Added s_stats console command to display sound system statistics
  • Added parasite animation and effect
  • Added a tooltip for failing to place infestation as a Gorge
  • Constrained the Gorge move velocity if building (used to work and then stopped for some reason)
  • Added some tooltips to HydraAbility for failing to build Hydra
  • Added additional profiling sections for particle related functions
  • Increased infestation health from 250 to 500 to make currently slow-growing infestation from being wiped out too easily (especially at the hive)
  • Fixed bug where Observatory could scan when it wasn't powered
  • New Pistol sounds
  • Tweaks and iterations to guns and explosions (rifle, grenade launcher, Shotgun)
  • Parasite on Power Node goes away when power point destroyed
  • Added back in marine/rifle/end
  • Increased the amount of time the give damage indicator is visible from 0.25 to 1 second
  • New Heal Spray effect on targets