Natural Selection Wiki

Released March 9, 2011


  • Fixed problems where structures could be built on MACs
  • Fixed problems where structures could be placed so they were interpenetrating
  • Fixed bug where structures that were destroyed (instead of killed) didn't cause tech tree to update
  • Fixed bug where Command Station could be upgraded to a Command Facility before anything else was built
  • Fixed connection problems when moving whips (playing sound effects repeatedly)
  • Fixed bug where whip could be rooted or unrooted before it was built
  • Fixed wrong button for upgrading Harvester production
  • Fixed bug where Drifters couldn't settle on target (they kept overshooting it)
  • Added a call to FMOD::Event::stop() in SoundEventInstance before creating and starting another event (this should solve some of the persistent sounds problems)
  • Added sound position information to s_stats
  • Added looping and alive state information to fx_stats
  • Tweaked skulk bite attack animations