Natural Selection Wiki

Released March 16, 2011


  • New alien start and alien expansion on ns2_tram
  • Added destroyed tram to tram tunnel to encourage use of other routes
  • New atmospheric sounds in tram
  • New refinery damage overlay, panel and vent props
  • New "sticky" Skulk wall-walking to make it easier to navigate rough surfaces
  • Skulk view tilting when on walls
  • Improved graphical and sound problems with Shotgun
  • Added notification when |IP is under attack
  • Fixed rogue alien commander and drifter sounds being heard through the map
  • Fixed problem where you could be stuck as commander forever if the command station was killed while you were logging in
  • Fixed double ricochet sounds
  • Gorge heal spray can now only hurt enemy players (not structures)

The patch also introduced a new sound bug.