Natural Selection Wiki

Released March 29, 2011


  • Made it easier for the Skulk to leap onto and off ceilings and walls
  • Replaced mini-leap with normal full leap and removed leap upgrade
  • Fixed bug allowing Fade to blink out of the world
  • Changed melee weapons attack timings to be in sync with the animation
  • Added a special sound effect when the Skulk or Fade attack a structure
  • AI entities will no longer go into other entities (no more Mega MAC Stack Attacks)
  • Toned the Skulk camera tilt down a bit (slower transition and less of an angle)
  • Added console command "skulk_view false" to disable Skulk camera tilt while on wall
  • Added some checks to the Gorge Hydra and Infestation creation code to not use energy or slow down if a placement is invalid due to location or cost
  • Improved MAC jet effect
  • Fire effects added to environment folder for mappers to use
  • Fixed bug preventing players from chatting right after they die
  • Fixed bug related to getting minimap coordinates from an invalid player
  • Fixed bug preventing MAC from repairing structure armor
  • Fixed bug where the game wouldn't properly disconnect from Steam
  • Fixed issue where the Editor would crash if a level file contained invalid face mapping data
  • Fixed a few tooltips