Natural Selection Wiki

Released April 12, 2011


  • Changed to new script binding code
  • Improved cleanup process when the game is shutting down
  • Improved Rifle animations and effects (fixed looping sounds, new recoil animations)
  • Sped up Rifle reload 10%
  • Fixed bug causing AI units to stop moving if something is in their way, they will now continue moving once the path is clear
  • Doors now open for MACs, Drifters, and Whips in addition to Players
  • Alien armor upgrades now function properly
  • Fixed scoreboard displaying alive state for enemy players
  • Removed unimplemented BloodThirstTech and PiercingTech from the Whip tech buttons
  • Maps are now displayed in the create server dialog based on the ns2_*.level files available in the maps directory
  • Removed faceoff and MvM from the list of game modes