Natural Selection Wiki

Released April 26, 2011


  • Increased recycle payback % from 50% x health percentage to 75% to encourage marine relocations (was 80%/50% for unbuilt/built in NS1)
  • Removed different IP recycle percentage
  • Changed alien armor absorption to be more clear and to have similar values as NS1 (but tied to defense upgrade level)
  • Fixed bug where structures that don't require power weren't considered "active"
  • Added Power Node back in to Elevator Transfer room in ns2_tram
  • Added work around for network hardware that doesn't properly deal with packets of less than 11 bytes
  • Fixed bug where the rifle looping sound would not be canceled in some cases (thanks Matso!)
  • Fixed bug where the selection was not cleared after recycling a structure (thanks Matso!)
  • Fixed bug where Hydras would continue to attack power nodes after they were destroyed (thanks Matso!)
  • Fixed bug where MACs and drifters would go into the ground (thanks Matso!)
  • Fixed drifters not resetting after failed build (thanks Matso!)
  • Fixed handling of double quoted arguments on the command line
  • Improved the accuracy of the trace to determine if Skulk bite hit a target (thanks Matso!)
  • Fixed bug where a Sentry gun couldn't hit a target that was inside it's field of view (thanks Matso!)
  • Fixed an issue where the thumbnails in the Create Props listbox were rendering as black
  • Fixed scanner not functioning properly
  • Fixed bug where the scanner sweep effect didn't appear at the correct location (thanks Enceladus!)
  • Added setsoundvolume, setmusicvolume and setsensitivity console commands (thanks Enceladus!)
  • Fixed F1 not bringing up the Get Satisfaction web page in-game
  • Fixed bug where a player would not fall if they were standing on top of a MAC or structure that was destroyed
  • Enabled auto-building when a file changes in the Builder