Natural Selection Wiki

Released April 27, 2011


  • Fixed bug where flying units exiting the world would cause the server to perform poorly
  • Fixed sky boxes not rendering
  • Fixed bug where Skulks would not properly walk up stairs or be attracted to walls
  • Added ability for marines to repair power points by using them
  • Added the ability for marines to temporarily open locked doors
  • Fixed recycling costs to take into account upgraded versions of structures
  • Fixed Rifle shoot effects not triggering if the Rifle had a Grenade Launcher
  • Fixed bug where the Advanced Armory and Weapons Module attachments didn't appear on the Armory
  • Updated tooltips
  • Added a check that the computer supports SSE2 (for PhysX)
  • Fixed bug where tech buttons now are properly disabled when the structure is building
  • Fixed an issue where you could give an invalid command to a Drifter/MAC
  • Fixed bug where the grow animations for Alien structures did not appear smooth
  • Changed the rifle sound effects
  • Fixed bug where ignoring an error in the script error dialog didn't work
  • Added -debug command line parameter to enable script error dialogs in the ship build
  • Fixed teamNumber is -1 error message
  • Added a check to make sure the origin for an entity isn't set to a value outside a 10,000m box
  • Eliminated the temporary garbage Vectors created by Actor:SetPhysicsDirty
  • Changed how the server sleeps so that it sleeps for as little as possible when clients are connected and more often when there are no clients
  • Fixed bug where you could not infest from a built Hive while another Hive was building
  • Fixed view model animation errors in the console
  • Fixed issue where the Drifter would play an animation even if the build location was not legal
  • Fixed error when creating a unit from a Command Station Structure that had a rally point set
  • Added additional robustness when computing the rotation of the third person Skulk