Natural Selection Wiki

Released May 3, 2011


  • Added new area in ns2_rockdown
  • Fixed potential crash when using melee attacks
  • Fixed crash bug when a vertex buffer cannot be created
  • Fixed bug where the Axe, Rifle Butt and Fade Swipe melee attacks weren't properly lag compensated
  • Fixed script errors that could occur from the commander minimap
  • Fixed bug where keybindings could not be changed without restarting the game
  • Fixed an issue where ammo/medpacks could be built on
  • Whip now faces the correct direction when attacking
  • Changed players to not be able to attack when building a structure
  • Fixed bug where some custom maps would not load the game rules properly
  • Fixed bug where the background in the Editor was black
  • Fix the warning "team number is outside range" on map load, and makes the random teamjoin actually random again (thanks Enceladus!)
  • Added updated feedback page (thanks Enceladus!)
  • Fixed an issue where the "This team has too many players." message would spam when you were joining that team (Thanks Enceladus!)
  • Fixed issues with spawning infestation
  • Fixed problems with Gorge health spray not healing structures properly and being totally over powered. Now it's just like NS1.
  • Added the DbgTracer package which helps visualize targeting/projectile/bullets/melee attacks, use "trace" command with cheats on to enabled (Thanks Matso!)
  • Added ability for players to eject a commander from the command station or hive (menu, voting system, alerts). Bring up menu with the "V" key by default
  • Fixed issue where mature whips/crags that were not on infestation were not taking damage
  • MACs will now look for something to do (build an unbuilt structure nearby) if they don't already have an order
  • When drifters start playing their landing animation they can no longer take orders or be damaged
  • Fixed an issue where welding a door could give the commander an endless stream of points
  • Fixed bug where doors would play the close door animation twice
  • Hives no longer spawn infestation until they are fully built