Natural Selection Wiki

Released May 10, 2011


  • Improved ns2_rockdown
  • Removed additional Tech Point requirement for teching up. Now T2/T3 can be achieved on one base
  • Adjusted various T2/T3 timings
  • A Crag is now required to evolve Gorges and a Whip is required for Lerks
  • Fixed bug where Med Packs healed armor 1 for 1 if health is less than 100%
  • When in Commander build mode, an illegal placement should keep you in the mode (will much improve ammo/medpack useability)
  • Fixed bug where MAC and Drifters were built instantly
  • Changed Skulk Bite to be easier to bite enemies while tilted down towards the ground
  • Changed enemy structures to display health rather than build percentage
  • Added fading/flickering lights when a Power Node is destroyed or repaired (thanks Lazer!)
  • Heal spray energy usage reduced from 20 to 15 to make it less annoying to use and have less waiting (same as NS1)
  • Added sorting to scoreboard (Score > Kills > Deaths > Resources > Client ID)
  • Optimized Infestation updating (Thanks Matso!)
  • Added the ScenarioHandler patch (Thanks Matso!)
  • Fixed bug where heal spray view model animation didn't always play
  • Fixed an issue that when you hopped out of the command center while a Drifter is building it would cancel and become useless
  • Fixed an issue where drifter height would not reset if an order was canceled
  • Improved error message when a vertex buffer cannot be created
  • Fixed bug where changing the resolution in fullscreen mode would sometimes fail
  • Fixed an issue where if you reset the game while you were in the Command Structure you would not get logged out
  • Fixed bug where Blink Fade model cast shadows
  • Removed all mention of carbon and plasma (now "Team Resources" and "Personal Resources")
  • Fixed memory leak caused by physics objects
  • Fixed memory leaks on shutdown
  • Fixed crashes if a graphics resources could not be created
  • Added first pass support for Google Sketchup Collada exports
  • Fixed an issue where exporting from the latest version of Blender would cause a crash in CompileModel