Natural Selection Wiki

Released October 11, 2011



  • Changed Pistol damage type from Heavy to Light and increased primary damage from 20 to 25 and alt from 30 to 40 ("finisher")


  • Workaround to address bug where aliens sometimes didn't respawn. (thanks dePara!)
  • Fixed bug where some aspects of blink could be triggered when you didn't have enough energy (thanks Schimmel!)
  • Fixed the MAC height to now be in line with its default model orientation
  • Fixed bug with sentries where sometimes they would ignore targets (thanks Schimmel!)
  • Fixed script error caused by an alien player trying to execute a saying in slot 4 or 5
  • Hives and Command Stations now orient to tech points properly again.
  • Fixed bug preventing some entities (tech points, resource points, etc) from appearing on the minimap
  • Fixed bug where parameters to SoundEventInstance:SetParameter() were in the wrong order
  • Fixed error return code in SoundEffect:SetParameter()
  • Only set parameters on Flamethrower looping sound when playing
  • Fix for "perform arithmetic on local 'eggIndex' (a nil value)"


  • Alien eggs no longer "think" (optimization)


  • Arcing electricity sound layer for power nodes
  • Better commander drop cyst sound