Natural Selection Wiki

Released February 8, 2012



  • Stomp moved to alt fire and now it knocks down marines
  • Moved Onos smash to separate HUD slot.
  • Onos will not collide with medium sized structures anymore.
  • Added a stoop animation for Onos, which triggers when you move through low corridors/doorways. This will trigger most of the time instead of auto crouch and does not slow the Onos down.
  • Increased Onos hide armor.
  • Adjusted Onos movement collision model.
  • Increased Onos acceleration.
  • Added a bitmap based font rendering system.
  • Added Lerk "roosting", fly into a wall or ceiling and hold the movement modifier button to latch on (Thanks Matso!)
  • The Commander can now drop weapons anywhere, not only in range of Armory. Weapons always cost player resources.


  • Fixed bug causing some Hydras placed on walls or ceilings to take damage even though they are on Infestation.
  • Marines with a Jetpack now display on the minimap.
  • Fixed script error caused by a bot switching to a different player class.
  • Improved melee attack collision detection (Assault Rifle alt, Switch-Axe, Fade, Skulk, Onos, etc) (Thanks Matso!)
  • Fixed script error caused by upgrading Shade to Mature Shade.
  • "DEFEND" order text is now displayed as "Defend" as intended.
  • Pistol laser is pointing in the correct direction when viewing another player with a pistol.
  • Player will now rotate more smoothly.
  • Fixed script error when using the web admin interface.
  • Fixed bug where sometimes the Alien hatch text would say "-2 more Aliens will hatch before you"
  • Scenario Handler now handles unconnected cysts properly (Thanks Matso!)
  • AI units will now go to the direct spot commanded instead of nearby (Thanks Matso!)
  • The Sentry laser will only appear once the Sentry is fully deployed.
  • Scoreboard reloads now correctly when you change the screen resolution.
  • Fixed a bug where Whip bombs could sometimes damage health from Marines.
  • Added Onos death message icons.
  • Fixed the minimap generator not working properly.
  • Fixed crash when a vertex buffer couldn't be created due to the system being out of memory.
  • Fixed infinite loop when an open space can't be found for a Drifter.
  • Fixed script error caused by the Marine Commander giving a Marine an order to defend an Entity that hadn't been damaged yet.
  • Changed the field of view to remain constant vertically regardless of the aspect ratio of the game.
  • Give dropped weapons a little bit of initial angular velocity.
  • Increased the size of the minimap.
  • Marine Commander can now drop weapons everywhere on the map (no armory nearby required anymore)
  • Aliens can choose same number of upgrades as they have Hives.
  • Better targeting system for Sentry, Hydra, Whip, etc (Thanks Matso!)
  • Whip Grenade whack improved (Thanks Matso!)
  • 'autobuild' option will work with powerpoints now (thanks matso!)
  • Updated Alien ability icons.
  • Sentries and pistols in alt fire mode have now a red laser attached to them.
  • Added "killall" console command to kill all of one type of Entity, "killall Hive" for example, cheats must be enabled.


  • Increased Onos Stomp energy cost from 10 to 40.
  • Reduced Bile Bomb damage by 10%.


  • Moved Power Node in Central Drilling to other corner.
  • Opened up brew room into small room next door and moved the black door.
  • Raised the Left Operations exit slightly
  • Rebuilt Operations right exit to Drill Repair
  • Extended rock division wall in The Gap
  • Moved Drill Repair RT Closer to Operations
  • Replaced all Location Volumes
  • Renamed "Ore Transfer" to "Refinery Transfer"
  • Included "Refinery Transfer" Tech point into Marine Random Spawn.
  • Renamed "Belt Room" to "Belt Transfer"
  • Renamed "Ore Extraction North" to "North Tunnel"


  • Replaced dev textures in corridor outside Server room.
  • Removed some deformed geometry from Alien Tram.
  • Fix for drifter stuck issue in Shipping.


  • Added the ability to make static and dynamic props as not collidable in the Editor.
  • Added SetAngularVelocity to CollisionObject.