Natural Selection Wiki

Released February 29, 2012


Features and changes[]

  • Added "shadow step" ability for the Fade. Double-tap in a direction to quickly rush that way. The cost of blinking was increased somewhat to compensate.
  • Waypoints closer to your crosshair are now more transparent (so they don't obscure your view).
  • Removed Sentry ammo (no longer needed for preventing stalemates).
  • While wall walking, the Skulk can use their special movement key (shift by default) to stick to the wall stronger.
  • Reduced intensity of cloak shader effect.
  • Alien buy menu won't open if there is no place to gestate and play an error sound instead.
  • Added "memory" console command to the Server.
  • Improved Skulk air control (a much bigger change than it sounds).


  • Adjusted hive health armor from 5000/500 to 4000/1000 to make hives less vulnerable to shotguns (~67 shotgun blasts instead of ~59)
  • Fixed bug with Shotgun randomness so it's more consistent. Reduced damage a bit to compensate.
  • Increased Nano-shield time from 8 seconds to 12 seconds (to help Marines be able to keep far away nodes alive until they get arrive).
  • Increased Command Station initial energy from 50 to 100.
  • Reduced time to Camouflage from 3 seconds to 2.
  • Increased ARC damage to 900 per salvo (NS1 siege turrets did 400 damage every 4 seconds, ARCs fire every 10 seconds). Aliens, you have been warned.
  • Increased Shotgun research time from 20 to 30 seconds.


  • Added beacon "charge up" effect on Marines.
  • Added first person muzzle effect for Grenade Launcher.
  • Added vertical burning surface effect.
  • Added first person hit effect for Skulk bite.


  • Fixed memory "leak" on the server when a Player died.
  • Fixed potential out of memory condition when reporting a script error in the log.
  • Fixed issue where the members of an object unregistered from C++ would not be garbage collected if there were still references to the object in script.
  • Fixed a bug where client FPS influences the players acceleration (resulted in unresponsive controls in combat situations).
  • Fixed script error that occurred rarely when a Drifter attempted to build a structure.
  • Disabled Xenocide which was accidentally released before it was ready.
  • Fixed missing nano-shield text strings.


  • Hooked up custom Robotics Factory deploy sound.


  • Added debug.isvalid to return whether or not an object has been unregistered.
  • Added debug.typename to return the class name or type name of a value (including objects that were unregistered).
  • Added cfindref and sfindref console commands to display references to objects of a certain type.