Natural Selection Wiki

Released April 2, 2012



  • Onos Gore back to 70 Puncture damage (miscommunication).
  • Reduced Onos hide armor from 6 to 5. This lowers his effectiveness against early game, pre-upgrade/Rifle Marines, while affecting him less late-game. There are other balance/map-control issues that are still to be addressed, but this should improve the game in the short-term.
  • Slowed Gorge healspray rate of fire by about ~25% and increased energy cost slightly.


  • Added a button to go back to the Ready Room (F4 by default)
  • Added Skulk view blood effect when hitting a Marine.
  • New Victory/Defeat screen artwork.
  • Added land sound effects.
  • Added a precaching mechanism for surface shader to avoid multi-second pauses during gameplay caused by compiling the shader for the first time.

General Fixes[]

  • Reduced texture stretching on the infestation.
  • Fixed bug where surface shaders were not always properly cached.
  • Fixed crash bug when called Model:AddMaterial with a nil value.
  • Fixed a bug where a dead player could enter a Hive and crash the server.
  • Normal armories will show weapons in red which require an advanced armory to purchase.
  • Fixed bug were jumps from wall would sometimes have no effect, even when you were close enough to a wall.
  • Added protection against script passing a bad value to Model:GetAttachPointCoords.
  • Fixed an exploit where you could gain crazy speeds as a Skulk with just 1 jump in crevice.
  • Fixed animation glitches after building a Structure.
  • Fixed bug where sometimes a Harvester wouldn't be connected to the initial Hive through Cysts.
  • Fixed 1s delay between when a Commander places a structure and when it shows up.
  • Fixed bug where Structures would incorrectly display the wrong animation for one frame when they were dropped by the Commander.
  • Fixed a bug where the Skulk run animation is shown when jumping off walls.
  • Fixed bug where you would "slide" as Skulk when landing on a surface.
  • Fixed r_mode normals and depth not displaying properly when anti-aliasing is enabled.
  • The Skulk leap animation will now play when the Skulk jumps and then leaps.


  • Increased console history size from 5 to 50.