Natural Selection Wiki

Released April 19, 2012



  • Most alien structures take longer to build than in 204.
  • Gorges can help all build structures, not with their “e” key but with his heal spray (including Hive)
  • 2 Hives no longer needed to unlock Tier 2 weapons, and 3 for Tier 3 weapons.
  • Now Hives can evolve Augmentation which does the same thing.
  • All built alien structures now “mature” over time. They start off approximately 20% weaker than in Build 204 and over time, they grow to approximately 20% tougher than they are in Build 204. The amount of time it takes, and the starting and ending health/armor varies by structure.
  • When a structure becomes fully mature, it is granted new capabilities.
  • The Alien Commander can speed the maturation process though a new ability called Nutrient Mist. This replaces Catalyze. Mist can affect more than one target at a time: affects everything in 3 meter radius.
  • Healspray can now also be used to build Alien structures (removed +use for Gorge)
  • There is no more “research” on the alien side: everything is an “evolution”. So if you lose a structure that had evolved an ability, and then rebuild that structure, you need to re-evolve it.
  • Aliens no longer have a free choice of initial upgrade category (Crag/Shift/Shade) - it is now an evolution on the hive.
  • There is a new Cyst ability called Rupture, which is triggered by the Alien commander for pres. It destroys the Cyst and splashes infestation on nearby enemy targets.
  • Flare and Fury have been removed.
  • Drifters only appear at base Hive for free - they appear before you log in.
  • New hives don’t get free Drifters - you must create them if desired.
  • So Aliens expand more slowly by default. They can expand faster with 1 or more Gorges working in concert with the commander. Aliens are vulnerable where they are building. Gorges really must be protected.
  • As a result of upgrades being more costly for the alien team, they no longer cost pres for aliens.
  • Flamethrower can now burn up spores.
  • Added Power Packs, which can be used to power a single structure.
  • Added enemy player names as crosshair text back in.
  • Commander chat appears now in a different color.
  • Added scan icon for minimap.
  • Added power nodes to minimap.


  • Umbra energy cost increased from 30 to 50 to reduce frequency.
  • Mature Harvesters have lower max health, which makes them more vulnerable for longer.
  • Alien evolutions are now FREE! That is, it doesn't cost a Skulk 2 resources to evolve Regeneration.
  • Changed ARCs to have different max health/armor when deployed and undeployed (they have no armor when deployed).
  • Power nodes are now only re-buildable after destruction when the aux power (red light after ~18 seconds) has kicked in.
  • Mines can now hurt their owner when detonating.
  • Changed Hive to spawn drifters on Commander login, but only for initial Hive.
  • Reduced Skulk air control slightly to prevent 180° turns in mid air (only noticeable when you perform such 180° turns constantly)
  • Removed slowdown from spit.

General Fixes[]

  • Fixed error caused by going to the Ready Room as an Alien with the regeneration upgrade.
  • Fixed script error caused by welding a wall.
  • Fixed bug where billboards were rendered upside down.
  • Fixed bug where Stomping the infantry portals while all players are in respawn queue ends the game.
  • Fixed rare script error that sometimes occurred while the Sentry was shooting at a target.
  • Fixed Marine sprinting speed, which was still higher as intended (from 7 down to 6 as in build ~197)
  • Fixed potential crash bug when unregistering an object from script.
  • Fixed crash in the Overview generator when the graphics device could not be initialized.
  • Fixed crash when passing a nil value or the animation graph.
  • Fixed bug where static props would not render in the Cinematic Editor.
  • Fixed a bug where the smashed state of the techpoint model revealed the Alien starting position to the Marine Commander.
  • Fixed bug where infestation blocks the Commanders view.
  • Fixed a bug where spectators and players in ready room could not see the game time.
  • Various crashes related to collision objects being destroyed.
  • Fixed bug where triggering stab directly after blink caused then attack animation/sound to be stucked in an endless loop.
  • Whip hit sound is only played when the Whip actually hits an enemy.
  • Fixed a bug where mines losing their owner and not accounting kills properly when the Marine who placed them dies.
  • Fixed a bug where Onos Stomp is stopped by small ledges.
  • Fixed a bug where you could give an attack order to units which are not sighted (and reveal start locations)
  • Fixed a bug where you would see the pilot effect on other weapons when dropping a Flamethrower.
  • Fixed a bug where Alien Commander could always see mines.
  • Health circles for players won't rotate anymore.
  • Fixed game rules script error when reloading a Lua file (thanks Matso!)
  • Removed problematic Egg mist effect.
  • Fixed a bug where Gorge could initiate belly slide while running backwards.
  • Fixed a bug where looping spore sound would not stop when you switch ability.
  • Fixed bug where wall walking Skulks would not play footstep sounds for other players.
  • Fixed a bug where Fade would remain cloaked when using shadow step.
  • Fixed a bug where you would see the umbra cloud on invisible units.
  • Fixed a bug were a Marine could shoot a grenade in his own back (thanks matso!)
  • Fixed bug which allowed you to parasite dead players (and get score)
  • Fixed bug where Commander would be visible sometimes to other players.
  • Fixed a but where Fade would enter blink mode without having to press secondary attack button again.
  • Fixed an exploit related to rapid jumping (with macros or programmable keyboards): whenever you attempt to jump to early, you lose all additional speed.
  • Holding down shift will not spam Shadow Step anymore. Instead you will need to press the button every time.
  • Changed Stomp to also affect ARCs.


  • Optimized calls to QueryPerformanceCounter (was slow on some CPU architectures)
  • Improved the performance of broad phase collision detection.
  • Reduced bandwidth usage for minimap icons.
  • Disabled PhysX visualization unless debug draw is enabled.


  • MAC weld/construct and order sounds and effects are now handled client side.
  • Bullets will now fire the immediately upon pressing the shoot button and will use the same exact angles that the player is viewing before shooting (thanks Matso!).
  • Improvements to the hitreg debug tool (thanks Matso!)
  • Added new blink effect.
  • Adjust Axe damage range to fit the visuals.
  • Adjusted Skulk bite so it will no longer be possible to miss a Marine who is directly in front of the Skulk.
  • Added shader for bilebomb hit.
  • Reduced network traffic regarding hit effects by ~75%
  • Fades now "fade" out instead of disappearing instantly. While fading out, they can be damaged.
  • Fade Blink sounds play now at world space instead of following the player.


  • Added Gorge and Lerk footstep sounds.
  • More lerkie bilebomb sound, added acid sizzle sound to bilebomb hit.
  • Whip has a swing and miss sound now.


  • "Central Drilling" lower level access tunnel now connects to the "Brew Room".
  • "Ore Extraction" No longer connects directly to Central Drilling.
  • Random Starts re-enabled: "Operations" and "Drill Repair" are Marine only random starts. Either team can start at "Ore Transfer". "Crushing Machine", "Ore Extraction" and "Cave" are alien only random starts.
  • Upper level doorway in "Central Drilling" to "Brew Room" removed.
  • Vent between "Crushing Machine" and "Ore Extraction" closed off.


  • Fixed cyst pathing issue between Server Room and Control.
  • Fixed some build issues on gratings and in the tram tunnels.
  • Fixed some issues where you could build outside the level.


  • Added unique icons for the different types of light (thanks Andrew!)
  • Fixed bug with drag selecting objects in the orthographic views.
  • Changed atmospherics to be disabled when "Show Post Processing" is unchecked.
  • Fixed bug where typing values in the rotation filed for texture mapping wouldn't update the mesh.
  • Fixed bug where the background in the Editor was rendered on top of emissive only surfaces.
  • Added "enter node" tags to the animation graph system.
  • Added CommanderBuild group for geometry that the Commander can build on but will be otherwise ignored.