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November 14, 2012

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  • Nutrient mist won't display for Marine Commanders when they do not have line of sight anymore.
  • Fixed issues when downloading a mod on the server that didn't contain a valid title.
  • Fixed Flamethrower damaging the owner.
  • Fixed bug causing the Pistol to sometimes lockup, preventing the player from shooting.
  • Fixed various crashes when a system runs out of video memory.
  • Fixed issue where pre-evolving eggs were not valid for respawning.
  • Fixed bug where resource would be lost if the Commander clicks on pre-evolve on an egg which had already a player assigned.
  • Fixed bug causing Mines to give Marines weld orders after they had taken damage.
  • Fixed hallucinated structures appearing unbuilt.
  • Fixed bug where Commander Alerts were not 100% responsive to player input.
  • Fixed issue where the main menu would be displayed for a single frame when launching the game directly into a map or a server.
  • Fixed bug causing weapons to "teleport" back to where they were last equipped when a Marine dies.
  • Fixed error in the dedicated server documentation specifying how to create .htpasswd files.
  • Added detailed error messages when a .htpasswd file is not properly constructed.
  • The game will no longer allow switching to a map that doesn't exist (causing all Clients to be disconnected)
  • Fixed bug causing the Command Station to display the "Start commanding" help text while unbuilt or while the team already has a Commander.
  • Fixed bug causing the Hive to display the "Start commanding" help text while unbuilt.
  • Changed the default Taunt key to T instead of Q to prevent a conflict with Request Health.
  • Fixed Server script error caused by a game ending while the teams were unbalanced.
  • Fixed issue where a mod could crash the game by specifying an invalid index when querying the list of servers.
  • Fixed issue where requesting the server list could overflow or crash some modems.
  • Fixed rare problem in the Main Menu caused by the options file becoming corrupted.
  • Fixed bug where mod names would sometimes be displayed as ???
  • Fixed bug in the "Quick Join" feature.
  • Fixed bug where mods could not be installed through the web administration interface.
  • Fixed bug where regeneration effect was visible while cloaked.
  • Server Browser: "Filter Modded" checkbox now saved.
  • Fixed Hydras not interacting with Nutrient mist.
  • Fixed Couldn't open "" error message.


  • Fixed Flamethrowers not creating flame residues.
  • The "connection problems" icon is displayed in yellow or red depending on the "severity" of the problem.
  • Replaced script error with a warning message when a server config file is ill-formed.


  • Improved bloom performance (thanks Alexander Szpakowski!)
  • Fixed bug where all models in a level were loaded twice during the loading process.
  • Load-time optimization: Caching some pathing data, so loads should be faster after loading a map for the first time.
  • Added a hint for the NVIDIA Optimus driver to use the high performance GPU.


  • Fixed crash and added an error message when the bones for a model don't match the model that is being referenced for animations.
  • Fixed crash when loading a COLLADA file exported by OpenCollada.
  • Added Client.GetServerIsSecure function to determine if a server has VAC enabled.
  • Added an optional callback function to Client.RefreshServer.
  • Fixed issue where passing invalid value to some script functions would report a script error, but continue execution.
  • Added Client.GetServerIsModded and Client.GetServerTickRate functions.
  • Added Client.RequestServerDetails function which must be called before a server's key/values can be queries.


  • Added a version of Server.SendNetworkMessage() which takes a ServerClient object instead of a Player entity.


There have been some undocumented changes in Build 229:

Changes found so far: