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Date: November 21, 2012

Blog Post



  • Changed combat time-out to 3 seconds (was 1.5) seconds (makes Regeneration and Cloaking less powerful and easy to use).
  • Reduced Shade cloaking radius from 20 to 14.
  • Re-balanced Crags so they now self-heal, but only give 3% health every 2 seconds (min 10, max 40). (was 5%, min 10, max 50).


  • Fixed error when starting Explore mode.
  • Fixed bug where Crags were getting too much health.
  • Fixed crash when a render_setup file could not be parsed due to improper formatting.
  • Fixed bug where text with multiple lines was not properly printed to the console.
  • Fixed bug where the spinner on the loading screen did not display if texture quality was set to medium.


  • Added a second parameter to the callback called from Shared.SendHTTPRequest in the case of an error, which specifies the error message.
  • Changed models to use a default material if one wasn't specified in the imported file.