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Date: December 10, 2012

Blog Post



  • Added the name of the player being followed while waiting to spawn to the screen.
  • Added server browser filter option for passworded servers.


  • Improved the performance of lighting calculations.
  • Changed fullscreen passes to be rendered using a single triangle rather than a two triangle quad to eliminate overshading pixels along the diagonal.


  • Fixed bug causing text in a message box on the main menu to overflow outside the box.
  • Fixed bug in the sv_ban command when banning a player not currently on the server.
  • Fixed bug causing the Fade to "teleport" to the ground while Blinking into walls and the ceiling.
  • Leading and trailing whitespace characters are ignored in the server list filters.
  • Filtered out duplicates when mounting mods.
  • Eliminated duplicate log messages when mounting mods for consistency checking.
  • Fixed bug where returning nil from GetAttachPointCoords would result in uninitialized data being used.
  • Fixed issue where having non-ASCII characters in the Windows user name would cause the game to not save mods, settings or cache files properly.
  • The Command Structure health will no longer be displayed for enemy structures when they spawn in a nearby room.
  • Fixed crash after alt-tabbing.
  • Removed the "Attack" button from the ARC as it is not needed and was causing some problems.
  • Fixed crash during precaching when a cinematic couldn't be loaded.
  • Signaled Steam to stop refreshing the server pings when connecting to a server to avoid cases where the routers NAT table overflowed.
  • Fixed issue where LaunchPad didn't properly specify the -game command line parameter when running NS2.
  • Crash when acquiring physics models from different threads.
  • Fixed bug where collision detection would fail on bodies which had extreme off-axis scaling applied to them (affected Harvester flinch animation)
  • Fixed bug allowing the Alien Commander to cancel research on a lifeform egg at the end of research, gaining back the resource cost but not canceling the research.
  • Fixed bug where ARCs didn't fire at targets when they had an attack order. They still need some work for actually listening to attack orders though. #3921.


  • The "Update" button in the server browser now changes text when finished updating servers.
  • Steam overlay based web views moved over to in-game web view.
  • The load progress is now displayed as a percent instead of a count.


  • Removing the shift-hover-select thing that just spams undo items. Some other polish/fixes.
  • Fixed crash/bugs with copy/paste then undo.
  • Hardcoded hotkeys 0-9 for viewport settings (perspective, lit/unlit, etc.)
  • Made Tool Settings dialog taller to not hide stuff..heh.
  • Added an origin cycle mode to put the gizmo at the first selected object, so you can move a group of props without bad grid-snap.
  • Fixed editor bug where you could create empty props.
  • Fixed bug when undo-ing face merges.
  • Welding vertices will now auto-cleanup things like degenerate edges, duplicate edges (that were formerly different), etc.
  • Made camera acceleration an option (tools|settings|general|display settings). off by default now.
  • Fixing some issues with deleting faces, undoing, etc. Details: FaceIds are NOT reliable when faces are deleted, so each vertex now stores Face pointers rather than IDs.
  • Work in progress checkin for fixes to welding. Just adding some un-used stuff for now.
  • Fixed some bugs introduced by adjacent faces optimization.
  • Move operations, with/out texture lock, should now be a lot faster and smoother. Using a adjacent-faces-set per vertex instead of doing global face search.
  • On second thought, completely removing scale tool restrictions. Mappers use negative values.
  • Changed some scale tool parameters so it's less restrictive when sizing small-ish objects.
  • Added weld-selected-vertices command. Activate Select Tool, select a group of vertices, then Edit|Weld Selected Vertices (at the bottom of the menu)
  • New "knobs" for texture mapping (and other) spinners. purely mouse-movement-based. Up/down arrow keys still work if cursor is in text box. CTRL and ALT modifiers work on both.
  • Fixed lost-focus for hotkeys.
  • Feedback about how many faces were affected by texture replace.
  • Added ALT shortcut for texture replace; added F, C keys to move up/down when in first person camera.
  • Fixed annoying scrollbar reset with prop/texture browser windows.
  • Added Texture Replace tool (red paint bucket, all the way to the right of the toolbar)
  • Removed (-1000,1000) range limit on texture shift spinners. This fixes some of the texture lock-move blank-field issues..
  • Grid snapping for texture gizmo. There is some weirdness with snapping, but it works.
  • Ctrl + doubleclick on face now adds a whole body to selection.
  • Paint(Texture) Tool now has moving handles, in addition to rotate and scale.
  • Switching to hash_set instead for faster "used asset" lookups.
  • Texture browser now has "show used only" filter as well.
  • Props browser now has "show used props only" checkbox. Same thing for textures browser coming soon.
  • Custom colors now saved to *.level files.
  • Custom colors now saved between selections. Next todo: save per-level custom colors to disk.
  • Autobackup filenames now include level name, e.g. ns2_refinery.autobackup2.level.
  • Tooltips for tool bar buttons now display bound hot key. Bug: If you change them, the tooltips won't update until restart. Ah well.


  • Added the ability to specify default values for settings in a render_setup file.
  • Added Clear Level menu option in the Cinematic Editor to clear out the currently set level file.
  • Fixed issues with COLLADA files that contained instance_material nodes.
  • Fixed issue where COLLADA files that referenced textures with spaces in the file name would not be properly loaded if the file name used a relative path.
  • Fixed loading of COLLADA models in the Viewer.
  • Enhanced the sound picker with a hierarchical folder display.
  • Added support for hearing sounds effects placed in the level in the Editor.
  • Added support for displaying cinematics in the Editor.
  • Added support for displaying web pages in game.