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Date: April 29, 2013

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  • Faster server startup
  • Improved consistency check
  • Updated Launchpad
  • New game mode Last stand
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  • Added the ability to check consistency on files that don’t exist on the server through a precomputed hash file


  • Fixed crash when a script error occurred and a variable on the Lua call stack contained a printf-style string
  • Fixed bug where activating a mod and clicking the “restart” button could result in some files from the previously active mod still remaining in use
  • Fixed issue where the Builder did not detect new files being added to a directory for auto-building C
  • Clients can use the kill command only once every second to prevent spam
  • Fixed damage numbers not appearing in first person spectate
  • Fixed diagonal traces of railgun and parasite being wider than intended (Thanks Matso!)
  • Fixed burning enemies not generating damage numbers
  • Fixed an exploit using the debugging “pause” console command (now requires cheats to be enabled)
  • Fixed -insecure command line option not working properly in the dedicated server (Thanks fsfod!)
  • Fixed crash bug due to uninitialized data in materials
  • Fixed issue with mirrored normal maps on some surfaces
  • Fixed Server script error caused by attempting to ban a player that has recently ragdolled
  • Fixed Client script error caused by switching teams during the count down
  • Fixed error case when Steam reported a mod as subscribed but was not accessible through
  • Workshop Fixed bug causing the death message in the center of the screen when a player dies to sometimes display incorrect information


  • Sped up server start times by pre-computing hashes for files for consistency checking


  • It is no longer possible to spam console commands on the Client
  • Sound effects are now entity based and inherit the relevancy of their triggering entity
  • Added custom HUD indication for Exosuit thrusters
  • By default, the consistency configuration file will include all file types except UI textures and View Model assets
  • Adjusted phase gate engagement point so hydras and other AI units less likely miss their attacks
  • There is now a warning before auto-concede ends the round
  • Auto-concede will not kick in for the first few minutes of a round


  • Only 2 mods will download at a time on the Client while connecting to a Server
  • Added 1 second cool down to scan to prevent spam
  • Mods downloaded while connecting to a Server are no longer deleted when you exit the game


  • Wireframe/show-edge rendering should be much faster – fixed some inefficiencies
  • With the line/rect/circle tool, you can now hold CONTROL to ignore existing geometry. Ie. you can create boxes inside rooms without exiting the room.
  • If anything is selected and a rect/line/circle is active, those will only modify selected stuff
  • CORRECTION: By default, geo tools will not edit non-selected geometry. Hold CONTROL to edit non-selected geo. Double-clicking faces should now select orphaned edges as well


  • Created new streamlined mechanisms in LaunchPad for creating and publishing mods
  • Made it possible for multiple people to work on a mod that is managed by LaunchPad
  • Private is now the default publishing option Fixed issue where string material parameters could not be set on a RenderModel
  • Fixed bug where getting the coordinates of attachment point point in a model with no bones would give the wrong result
  • Added the ability to specify the target texture size for a camera
  • Fixed bug where “angles” network fields were inaccessible from script
  • Fixed crash when calling Shared.LinkClassToMap twice with the same map name


  • Fixed the exploit of doom